Innertube help

So i just bought a bc wheel
and i forgot it didnt come with an innertube

it is a 20x3.45 tire
which inner tube would fit?
should i just get a 20x2.5?
thanks in advance

20x2.21, I believe.

Did you get it from UDC? Why isnt the innertube included?

i got it from the trading post
they forgot it

i packed up all the crap and taped the box and everything and then relized i left out the tube:p
a 20x1.75/2.125 innertube is what i used

lol its so hard to put this on ok well thanks everyone ill let the threaqd die now

If you want to protect the wheel from popping in the rare chance it does bottom out to the rim… local shops usually sell 20x3" tubes. I got one with a Kenda Flame tire when I was trying out the BC wheel.

So how are those plates I built? Ugly welds… but it works. Very light huh?

yes ugly its seems a common thread in all your unis
lol jk
but i guess its light i havent tried it out i cant get the tire on the rim