inner tube for 24x3 duro

is it ok to use a thornproof 24x2.25 inner tube in this tyre? i can’t find anything else close enough at the b*ke shop.

Not sure about the thornproof tube but have 24*3" tubes in stock.

thanks MT High. i was hoping to ride tomorrow and i would have to wait for the other in the post. i was still wondering whether this thornproof (for extra thickness) tube in 24*2.25 would be ok?

Do it. I and many others have run undersize tubes. E.g. I had a 26" tube in my 29er without issue.

I run a 26X1.75 tube in my 26 and a 20X1.5 in my trials with out any issues.

I think it can be a problem. But if you do it, let us know what happened;)

I use a motorcycle tube, 19inch is the diameter of it. Can be a pain to get on sometimes, have to stretch the tube a little bit. I have been riding this tube for a few years now and have had ZERO issues with it. Works a lot better than the normal bike tubes because it is a lot thicker.

I don’t have any first hand experience with this, but it makes sense to me.
I think a tube with thicker rubber will be able to inflate and stretch bigger than a thinner tube.
If it holds up to a few minutes of abuse at home, I’d put it out of my mind and hit the trails like any other day.

Let us know.

sweet. thanks for all the replies. i will do it. i just wanna get back out there!