Inner Balance & TWNR Combo Download: $1.99!

I’ve only just moved back to London :wink: Is he your age? If so it could be very easy to become confused :smiley:

Another Bump and I never said “Prison”

I did run into a very good unicyclist in Chatham Ont. named Brian MacKenzie, turns out he shot one of my favorite unicycle videos of a guy riding a 36’r through Manhattan. I always thought the videographer must be a very good unicyclist to film the action so smoothly beside dodge all the same buses and taxis. I was not wrong.

I learned several good things riding with Brian too. Thanks again for the DVD s. I would have stopped in again this winter and looked you up but I was there again in the middle of a record snowfall in London and Chatham, had a lot to deal with there.

30 hours, 3 attemps and 10GBs of downloads later I have success! (stupid internet)
Now just to finish my assignments and exams before I can watch… well maybe a little preview wouldn’t hurt :wink:

wow, it only took me two hours to upload it :slight_smile:
thanks, and enjoy!

yeah, that was a pretty strange encounter, that was awesome. did you ever tell Harper he was a bitch like I suggested? :slight_smile:

He didn’t just tell me, he proved it. How embarrassing.

Harper is a strong unicyclist. The only thing I proved riding with SARS is that I know how to breathe hard.

The real-time Harper is different than the on-line Harper that “sleeps on broken glass” and uses “corrugated metal roofing” for sheets. He keeps things interesting.

I won’t be telling Harper he is a bitch

Off the topic of who’s too sexy for his unicycle…

I’ve just downloaded mine. Having a fast internet connection can be handy! It took a little over an hour. :slight_smile: