Inner Balance & TWNR Combo Download: $1.99!

Hey everyone, it’s been a while! (I’ve been keeping up with lots of you guys on Facebook, so I haven’t completely dropped off the planet!

Just thought I would post that I have now made my two DVDs available for digital download. you can have them both (hours of cool uni clips) for only $1.99

You can find the download link here:

Hope all my old friends are still well…

PS…my wheel of choice (for those that remember me) is now a KH29! - I got a 29 as a temp ride until I got a new 36…after a few rides on the 29 I knew that was my new favorite wheel :slight_smile:

Find me on facebook if you want to reconnect :slight_smile:

also…i live back in London now, if there are any riders here (29r rides…asphalt or trails)

Good to see a post here Brian.

Awesome! I bought it, definitely worth the $2.

Sweet. But I hear there is someone riding a two-wheeled contraption in one of those videos, what’s up with that? :smiley:

hey ken and gilby, good to see you guys :slight_smile:

thanks mr. 1024

I know you shot some of this in HD. Is this digital download version in HD, or is it the same quality as the DVDs I currently have on my shelf?

I heard that it is a FAKE and the filmer is using mirrors or something like that :stuck_out_tongue:

I have both movies, Like Brian says, hours of cool uni clips, and quite diverse, not just some kids doing street tricks. I think I payed $10 each and don’t regret it at all.

I just downloaded them. They are .iso files so I guess they are the same DVD quality.

it was a very first gen prosumer hdv camera…when looking at the footage with thoughts of remastering to bluray…and adding some stuff with my new camera, there was just such a quality difference, i didn’t bother

i’m happy with the quality of the DVD footage as it turned out though

(keep downloading, let’s make my next movie have a bunch of aerial footage!)

That was the bleeding edge at the time.

For those that don’t know, the one riding the contraption with two wheels in the Inner Balance video is myself, riding a doubled wheeled unicycle (one wheel stacked on top of the other, meaning it’s a giraffe unicycle where you pedal backwards to go forward which totally messes with your natural reactions, making unicyclists fall much faster than normal). Very few unicyclists can ride one of these, but after a couple hours on one, you should be able to go forward on your own a little bit. Trying one of these unicycles for a while gives you that feeling just like the first time you learned to ride a unicycle.

I lost my double wheel unicycle in 2003, and probably haven’t ridden one since this video was taken in 2006 at the Mondofest here in St. Paul, MN.

For those that don’t have these videos yet, the $1.99 is a real bargain.

i seem to recall you taking the easy way…connie cotter ups the ante with her doublewheel having one pedal and crank that goes forward and one that goes backwards :slight_smile:

That is called the Myron-cycle. I’ve never tried one of those, but I’d guess it’s easier given that one pedal goes forward and the other is just there for the “ride”. :roll_eyes:

Who’s this spammer trying to sell stuff on RSU? Don’t we usually send this stuff to the spam bin?

The double wheel is a trip! A friend brought one to our juggling/unicycling club last week and I spent 15 minutes falling off it. He was able to ride, turn, and mount it after a couple of hours which seemed pretty quick work to me.

Ah crap, HE’S still here?!?

Greetings to Saskatchewan :slight_smile:

Hey, Brian. I know a guy who says he ran into you in prison in London. I told him that’s ridiculous, it couldn’t have been him. There are WAY better places to go to prison than London.

Wow, even though I am making very little per sale, I can’t believe how much more I like the completely automated process than having to worry about shipping physical DVDs :slight_smile:

PS…no I wasn’t in prison

I knew it couldn’t have been you. There must be hundreds of unicycle riding Brian MacKenzies in London. It’s easy to get confused.

I downloaded my copies years ago. The download process worked great for me. At this low price I wonder if I should download a backup.

That would probably be a safe bet.