Inner Balance Trailer: Now on Youtube

This one flows a little better than the original trailer, I also noticed that there was a clip in the trailer that never made it into the movie (don’t worry Nick, it wasn’t your stair gap :wink: )

This is my first youtube video :slight_smile:

Youtube is blocked here at school. I’ll watch it once I get home. =p

Great video! Would the huge wheel be a coker?

i found the coker parts rather uninteresting

That looks pretty interesting. That guy was going FAST at the beginning.

'tis a coker :slight_smile:

Who was on the BC, he was pretty good! Nice video too, can’t wait to see the whole thing.

connor helser


My DVD of Inner Balance arrived today.

It’s fantastic. the best unicycle film I’ve seen. Lots of variety. The coker parts are absolutely fab. In fact it’s all absolutely fab. I quite like most of the music too. If I hadn’t already bought a copy I would buy a copy.

Brilliant film Brian.

Thanks Cathy! What suprises me is how fast that got there, yay Canada post!

Conversely, I thought it was cool to see more than endless street & trials riding.

I like the Gym stuff too.

To me it looks like a very broad & interesting video.

YES!!! Drops on a coker, and north shore on a giraffe!!! loved it!!!:D:D:D

Abolutely…anyone can make a film about trials…trials…and more trials…

Brian went way out of way, travelled all around, to make a great movie that anyone can enjoy, and that people can see the unlimited possibilities of unicycling. Not only that…but he made a great movie, with awesome angles, creativity, a certain flare that only Brian MacKenzie can provide.

Great job Brian!!!

I just loved the movie!
So fun to watch and to listen. The stuff works so well with the music. You can finally see a different aspect of coker riding which is more extreme. The angle for the shot are all perfect.

Great work Brian ! and thank you for the bubble that come in the enveloppe :slight_smile:

p.s.:The hidden part is just so funny. Good luck to find it.

I own the movie and its amazing. I cant stop watching it. The only thing i don’t like about it is when i show it too my friends and they say “hey Brett why can’t you do that?” :astonished:

The first time I didnt realize that he was wheel walking on a 2 wheeled giraffe so I thought that part was really confuzing. I couldnt get how he was pushing backwards and going forwards… it was strange.

well, Brett…why can’t you?!?

I liked this version slightly better:)

I looked like all three clips from 0:14-0:28, and the poi (impressive) from 0:51-0:56 were new.

That clip riding along the water was very picturesque.

The clip from 1:34-1:48 was that 29 or 36"? If 36, impressive manuvering. Supprized it didn’t faze people as he passed them.

Edit: You + Muniaddict for vid #3?

1000 views :slight_smile: