Inner Balance Pre-Release Orders (Pay No Shipping)

Hey everyone, April 21 is just around the corner.

Balance Productions is now offering Inner Balance on a pre-order deal.

Pay via Paypal before April 21 to put your name on the ship first list, and PAY NO SHIPPING!

You can get on the list here:

Where’s the “buy both DVDs” link? I was hoping for a two-fer deal of sorts… is this possible or should I just order both separately?

look again :slight_smile:

I’m in! :slight_smile:

Whoa! Like… magic!

The e-check is in the e-mail.

Edit: Thank you, good sir!

Thank YOU good sir!

Does the free shipping include us on this side of the pond ?
(thats the europe side) or do you reasonably want a bit towards that ?

all sides of every pond (oddly, the price diff is insignifigant)

What a bargain! The money’s on its way.



Thanks for the bargin Brian

I’m looking forward to these

yup, it’s a bargain! The monkey’s on its way.


wait, by pond do you mean the atlantic ocean?

ie. do us riders in california get free shipping?

Could you please post a larger version of the dvd cover so it is readable?


Can’t wait. :smiley:

everyone who pre-orders a movie will get free shipping until the movie is released

(I’ll get back to you on that larger DVD cover)

You can also send me a money order if you prefer (as long as it gets to me before the release date :slight_smile: )

Brian MacKenzie
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$28cdn for Inner Balance
$45 for both IB and TWNR

here is the cover

Just bumping this back up to the top so it stays on my radar screen for a while. I’m having trouble opening the link. Don’t know if it’s my server or yours, or one in between somewhere. I’ve got money just burning a hole in my Paypal account. Better spend it.

Are the dvds going to be available to buy at buc? or is this the only way to get them? it looks awesome from the write up on the cover.

unfortunately there was not time to get it from the burners to BUC…i sent a preview copy on DVD-R to the UK to play at BUC, will have the movies shortly

i will look into the video issue, although no one else has said anything