Inner Balance: Filming: Australia!

Well, the upcoming movie has now been named.

I would also like to welcome the newest member of Team Inner Balance: Andrew Carter!

I have mailed him a hi definition camera and he will be taking care of Australia and hopefully New Zealand’s portion of the movie (cheaper than airfare and I’m sure he’ll take better care of the camera than if it was in my hands!)

I’ve started a blog about the movie here: (blogs read from the bottom up, you can subscribe to them to be alerted each time I post something new, should that interest you. say, are those google adsense links on the side?)

Andrew will have the camera for a month or so (starting in about 10 days) so please get in contact with him if you want to bust out some tricks…I’m still looking for some street stuff…

You have to get Tomsey… you just have to.

Good luck!

I remember the MUni ride during Joe Merrill’s East Coast MUni Weekend – didn’t you UPD off your Coker in the woods and land on your back while holding the camera up in the air so it wouldn’t get smashed?

Oh, wait… Does Mrs. Sofa read the forums? I made that story up.

is andrew going to travel around aus or do we have to go to him?

Unfortunately, given my university timetable and lack of money, I will do my best to make the trip over to NZ but will not be ‘touring Australia’ with the camera. Sorry.

Also, to put it a little less subtly than Brian, if you click on the Google Adsence links in his blog he will benefit…so I’d encourage you to click on them. It doesn’t take long.

Thanks again Brian!


ok fair enough.
if you can you should go to the street weekend in sydney and get some cool footage there (tomsey etc.) Unfortunately i cant make it but im sure it will be great.

good luck with it all,


I landed about 10 feet away from the coker, I had this great idea about passing someone on my coker who was already riding fast on his muni (about 2 mins after you see Brian Slater by the lake) and the damn thing wasn’t even recording!

That was by far my worst ‘while camera holding’ wipeout (way beyond UPD)

Then the countless times the camera has hit the ground while riding (Glidecam is sending me a low-mode adapter, basically a protective, seemingly Brian-proof cage for the camera to hold it at ground level while riding)

There was a valuable lesson partially learned that day! (this was also a year before I put my brand new camera in a Ziplock bag and threw it in the pool to see if I could film under water at surface level. It works. (however, Ziplock bags are not immune to the pressure of even a few feet down, I don’t want to test that.

Chiltern Muniuni

Hi Andrew,

Too bad you will not be able to get to the Muniuni at Chiltern. Some good Ned Kelly country to be seen and taped (with unicycles, not horses of course).
Dunno who will be here, but good ridin anyway.

Cheers Mal

Neat-oh! I look forward to Niagara… whenever that is again…

June 10-11

alrighty-then. I’m still gonna be there.


sweet…we got o-dawg!

Yeah I’ll bring Owen and Julien in the trunk of my car. We will be there. :sunglasses:

sweet we have ^^this guy too.(sorry i dont kno your name but im sure ill find out what it is in june:))


In the TRUNK?!?

Bon, moi j’ai pas de probleme avec ca mais a deux ca risque d’etre serre! :wink:

I don’t read the forums much, so I had to look this one up.

For the convenience of others…

Filming + Party. Niagara Falls, June 10-11

Alright, that’s just about enough funny talk you guys

the filming in aus is it possible for us to film ourselves and send it to andrew?

One of the things that will make this movie so special is the fact that it’s being filmed in high definition, so unfortunately you can’t just send in footage to me.

In other news, the camera arrived this afternoon…I’m going for my first filming session tomorrow. Really looking forward to it.

I’m also booking my flight to Auckland in the next couple of days. :slight_smile: