Inner Balance: DVD Release Party

Details are still a little sketchy, I will fill you in as soon as everything (times/ride locations) are 100% (I just want to give you notice to mark your calendars in case you can come out)

Sat March 31, Long Island, NY
Surrounded by 2 days of awesome MUni riding

Hope to see you there! (there is a 36" Radial uni to be won!!)

If you just ship the Radical 36" to me It would save me a trip to NY.

I WANNA GO. :frowning:

This sounds like a great event. I think I might have to consider it. I have a friend that lives in Dobb’s Ferry that might let me crash on his couch for the weekend. I might be able to hook-up a shopping Charter bus or something too.

Perhaps i will have to provide a London -> New York -> London shuttle?

In that case I’ll come along. Very generous of you Brian!

Man I hate it when there are posts about London, and then I find out there is also a London in UK

I might be able to come. I’d love to!

Sounds like it might be near by. I should be able to make it. I can’t wait to see the movie.

I am so there!

Why didn’t you do this when I was in town? Are you still mad at me for wearing flahier clothes than you on the MUni ride?

It’s funny, I actually said to Tim, “That Harper, why does he always have to dress so much flahier than me??? He’s not going to be a secret easter egg in THIS movie, I’ve had it with him!”

Then Tim said, “That Harper…he sure is flahy…he surrrrrrrre is flahy”

He looks even flahier in a wimuit.

hee hee hee

Calendars empty thus far so I should be able to make it. Only work or family will keep me away.