Inner Balance : Downloadable version

Hey everyone, I put together a 9 minute clip of Inner Balance (including two not-before-seen shots) available for download.

The 9 minute version is $7.99 to download, and can then be viewed on your computer or burnt to DVD using any DVD burning software.

The file transfer is 380MB, and the end result is 720x480 (16:9) widescreen video.

This download boils down to 89 cents per minute of riding (and no shipping!) ; A very cost effective way to get to see some cool riding while supporting the next unicycling movie in the meantime!

This is not meant to replace the DVD, as there is MUCH more to see on the full DVD, and not all of my favourite clips are on this 9 minute version

Even owners of the Inner Balance DVD will like this, as the different editing ‘just about’ makes it a whole different movie

link to the downloadable file (and paypal link)

Please note I have to manually send the link to download once the paypal payment is received, your download will be available within 12 hours of your purchase



Please PM me with any downloading problems, let’s please not make this a technical support thread.

I think I will have to pick this up when I get the chance.


£3.5 for 10 minutes of fun. That’s more expensive than beer, but you can’t reuse beer, can you? And this one you can watch as many times as you wish.


This is an interesting and perhaps superior way to market footage. Can any common DVD burning software convert your .mpg file to a .iso file so it can be burned on a DVD and then watched on a conventional NTSC television? The annoying thing I find with Union is that it is in PAL format and can be viewed on the computer but can’t be viewed using a DVD player and television. I don’t see a provision for converting .mpg to .iso in either Nero or DVDDecrypt.

This is an .mpg format, easy to watch on computer, easy to burn using whatever burning software came with your buner. An iso is an image of a disc that makes an exact duplicate (like disc title, menus, etc…) (and i think you might need an iso thing to view it)

I am also planning on a TWNR downloadable version is this goes well…

There are a couple programs out that allows you to watch iso, bin, cue, and all those other image files without having to burn them to cd first. I use Daemon Tools for that.

There are also a few programs out there that will take your mpg file and turn it into an iso, or pretty much any file into an iso file.

I wish I could remember the names of the programs that I used to use for it, but I got rid of it a while ago and cant find the page for it.

Most DVD players nowadays can play DivX files, so if you just burn it on a cd the same way you’d do it with a normal file, you should be alright, I think.

I use Daemon Tools to watch .iso files with their virtual DVD ROM too. I don’t know of a program that just converts .mpg to .iso. I know that Nero and DVDDecrypt, the two burner packages I use, don’t recognize .mpg. I think Nero is what came with the two DVD RW’s that I have.

My original question to Brian really is: can this file be burned to DVD and then played on a home DVD player and viewed on a television? I don’t see a straightforward way to do this, that’s why I’m asking. Thanks.


This is all very interesting to someone who knows what they are doing but I can be excluded from that category. I see that you say that most DVD players can play DivX files these days. Brian says that his video is in .mpg format, not that it is a DivX file. Also, you mention burning it to a CD (not a DVD) the same way you’d do it with a normal file. What’s a “normal” file?

Okay, mpg is a format, DivX is a codec. It’s a bit tricky.

To put it on a CD(yes, it’s only 380mbs), you just treat it the same way you’d treat an mp3 album or some pictures or documents or whatever. Open your burner program(like Nero), select the file and burn it. Then you just take the CD and it should work(assuming it’s got the right codec, which I don’t know).

My download just disappeared to somewhere, but once I manage to download the file, I should be able to tell you more.

my legs fallen asleep :angry:

would an iso be a better option to make available for download?

Okay, I watched it. I think it’s incredible! Definitely opened my eyese to new styles of riding… I loved all the city riding. And muni was great too.

And those two-wheeled girraffes were insane.

Inner Balance DVD is definitely on my “to buy” list now.

Edit: oh, and the music is excellent! This is one film I’m gonna watch again and again, I’m sure.

I’ll probably download this later. As for burning it, I’d just import the mpg file into video editing software (Pinnacle Studio) and burn it using their tools to DVD. Seems like the easiest way of doing the conversion/etc

I’m hopfuly getting the DVD for chritmas :slight_smile:

I think an iso would be a better option from some aspects as it gives you the ability to put a nice front end menu on it, and stuff (not that there’s going to be much) and it gives the downloader the ability to create a DVD with the minimum of fuss.

Those that want to view it on their PC can either burn it to disc anyway, or use an iso mounter to view it, or even just extract the avesq.dat (or whatever its called) and rename it to a mpg file to view it, depending on how computer literate they are.

Although having the option of either/both would be nice too :smiley:



Cool mix of riding and nice music selection as usual. Where was der Uber Coker? You need a key feature like that if you want to stay in business. In fact, where was I? You film Tim but not me? What’s up with that? I’m a way flashier dresser than Tim.

I couldn’t get any sound using wmv. It worked great with AVS DVD player and with PowerDVD. Naturally, QuickTime doesn’t recognize it. I probably have other software that will play it as well. I’ll have to try burning it on something and playing it on the DVD player now. Something’s bound to work. I may try Ivan’s approach and just burn the mpeg onto a CD and try it in my player. It plays CD’s and MP3 files.

I don’t know what’s the best way to distribute video files. If you send .iso files folks will have to use some kind of virtual DVD ROM like Daemon Tools to play it on their computer or they’ll have to burn it. I haven’t found a way around that with .iso files yet but Daemon Tools is free. Iso files are ready to burn to DVD though and will play on NTSC systems.

Thanks for experimenting with this sales approach. It will be interesting to see how it pans out. Been bowling lately with anyone who doesn’t cheat?

Tim exhibited some talent when it came to riding unicycles, so he made it in the movie, you only look hot in a lady’s bikini, so you only got hidden in TWNR.

The uber still has a place in the ride the lobster movie, should you be interested in getting it in there :slight_smile:

I was able to burn a video CD from the mpeg file using Nero. I have an OEM version of Nero without the DVD plugin. As a result, I am only able to get a 352x240 4:3 image even though the mpeg is 720x480 16:9. I was able to get a full resolution waterstamped .avi file burned onto a CD using AVS DVDtoGO. Both of these CD’s were playable on my DVD player and I can watch them on the boob tube. The first one of course has low resolution and the second one of course has a waterstamp.

I know that with some other software this can be done. I just don’t have the free software that I need. If any of you video geniuses know what I want (the genius part means that you do, in fact, know what I want) and can recommend a free and intuitive to use package, please let me know. If you think you know what I want but in fact don’t really know what I want, please don’t respond and send me off after some software that will allow me to watch this video on my computer which I can already do 17 different ways.