Injuries Gallery

Are we still setting up that page in the gallery filled with photos of uni-related injuries, if so, I got one to put on there…

Its no that bad but I did this while doing some trials on a bunch of palettes and spools. I fell hard and landed with my stomach on the corner of a palette…

cool shots,

i cant wait to get my new trialz uni.i order tomorrow.

Re: Injuries Gallery

>cool shots,
>i cant wait to get my new trialz uni.i order tomorrow.

what uni would that be?


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i’ve grown tired of waiting for the new Norco and Onza to be easily available so while waiting for them i managed to save some cash and figure out a way to afford the KH20.

i hope this one is problem free.

Re: Injuries Gallery

sweet, a KH20? nice…


ya,first i hope one is in stock,and i hope i’m worthy of it.thats a serious unicycle!

i hope you’re NOT worthy…

and if you decide to get rid of it… i’ll gladly pay you 500 for .that. uni :wink:

send it to:

John Moriarty
6516 3rd… what? no way in heck?

oh, okay.


careful what you wish for,i sold a Coker after having it for only 3 weeks,just parted out my Profile MUni after 10 and i know my Sem 29er is probobly going soon(any takers).

so you see i am just that crazy,i may remember your offer somday.:smiley: