Injuries during unicon16

How many people got injured during unicon16?,

I fell down during the marathon on a steep section, lucky only minor injuries.
I have 2 stitches in my elbow, a wound on my belly and on my knees.

on my way to the hospital the ambulance nurse told me that during the downhill more than 20 people got injured.

I want to thank the people that stopped during the marathon to see if i was ok.
and thanks to the volunteers for bringing my unicycle back to brixen!

Get well soon!

I love the unicycling community because of things like this :slight_smile:

Glad you’re OK… you didnt look that good…

A lot of people also got injured during the DH-Gliding… my girlfriend broke her arm during trials (but still got first place in Downhill (agegroup))

I saw really hard faceplants during the gliding, one girl broke her leg
also Galina from Danemark fell reaaaaaaally fast, but she hurts her in the DH…
a friend of my broke his knee during the DH

Unicons are for warriors !

More than I’ve ever noticed. This was the biggest Unicon ever, with the most people and some of the most difficult courses. That’s a combination likely to lead to more people getting injured as they try more things, or push themselves harder to maximize their performance.

Was that you with the V frame and wide handlebars? That didn’t look like a good setup for UPDs. :frowning:

I was the guy with the useless first aid kit. Glad you were not more injured! I also saw someone carrying your unicycle back at the stadium afterward, but didn’t get a chance to ask them how you were doing.

I managed to avoid injuries. By being occupied in the Freestyle gym for four days of Unicon that probably helped protect me. :slight_smile: Then, on my only attempt to join one of the daily MUni rides, I missed the group and ended up riding down the Downhill course. No brakes for 1000 meters of downhill causes some wear & tear on the quads! That was on the day before the Uphill/Downhill races. So I did it again a second day in a row. Ouch! Followed the next day by the Marathon race, and I was happy to just complete the distance. Thanks to Jim Sowers for loaning me his geared 29". I think I bonked; in any case, I was cruising nicely for the first 15 km or so, but then lost power for a while and had to slow down.

I was wondering why I couldn’t find you on the marathon results. That explains it…
I hope you’ll recover quickly.
It does make me wonder if maybe a narrower UPD-friendlier handle bar would be a better idea than the full width one you were using. I always thought it looks quite dangerous.

Myself, I had some light bruises on my forearm from a spectacular crash in the DH training but that was about it for riding related injuries.

The worst injury I actually got while taking a picture after the DH when I was attacked by a plant. I’m not 100% sure which one it was but it looked like yarrow or wild carrot. It turns out they can cause a photo toxic reaction on skin leading to phytophotodermatitis. Very nasty and painful burning kind of wound that takes weeks to heal. But it looks like it’s almost completely healed now, over two weeks later.

After that I got bitten by a cute little dog…

I’ve had better days.

The DH was great but I was also somewhat concerned about injuries.

Yes iám the one with the v-frame and wide handlebars.
I did not get caught by the handlebars and during the upd i had no problems with that.

I was just going to fast and could not brake anymore or try to run out.
I recognized you John, thanks for trying to help!

To all people get well soon and see you all in 2 years!