Injuries and prevention

Have any of you out there had any problems with knee or back pain from riding? I’ve had ongoing problems with knee pain, it seems to be the worst if I ride with my seat too low, or hop a lot (like when you go out and do nothing but trials all day). I’ve found that doing leg lifts with my toes pointed outwards helps, as well as stretching. Does anyone else have any ideas, or has anyone else had any similar problems?

That happened to me today when I went out for a short muni ride (30 mins or so) and when i came back i couldn ben my right knee at all, without a sharp pain shooting up my leg. so i kept t up for 15 mins and massaged the kneecap where it hurt and after that I was as good as new.
My suggestion would be to stretch thoruoughly and keep warm.

I find that I sometimes get knee pain when I ride one of my unis with pinned pedals. If my foot is held at a slight angle, it can start to hurth the knee after a few miles.

If the seat’s too low or too high, it will hurt your knees too.

And if you overdo anything, it can hurt.