i was unicycling and decided …“HEY! I’LL DO SOME JUMP MOUNTS!”…I set up for the mount…and jump…YAY i did it “I NO I’LL DO IT AGAIN!” and this time i jump miss the left pedal wack the front of my leg (the bottom bit above my foot) and god did that hurt! after rolling around on the floor 'effin and blinding for about 10 minutes the pain vanished momentarily until i decided to try again…bad idea…and now im only left with a bruise and an aching stinging leg…i might see a doctor.

God im hoping to start riding again within a few days anyone else injured?

What pedals do you use? If you’ve got metal pedals you’ll either want to get plastic pedals or invest in shinguards.

If you’ve got plastic pedals than you’re either a pansy or have sensitive legs(read: you’re a pansy).

Pedals bite. I might post some recent shinnage I had. It doesn’t look pretty, though.

I have a twisted ankle from playing cricket but nothing unicycle related. Does mean I can’t practice though :frowning:

I got plastic i do normally wear shin guards but i went out for a quick ride this morning, i kinda hit the cranks and the pedals pretty hard.


Ha, just like me. I only have an accident when I’m not wearing shinguards and gloves :angry:

Gagtape are you a boy or a girl? I guess if your a girl then the below doesnt aply

If your a boy, get over it.

Injured? you are complaining about getting hit in the shin with a plastic pedal… I ride metal and dont always put my shingaurds on… Metal pedal to the shin on a missed 180 flip, now thats painful, still not bad enough to stop riding and come on here.

Try a sprained ankle and foot. I have been out for 2 weeks, and just started walking(cant stay on it all day). It will be another 6 weeks before I can ride, and thats pushin it.
Stop complaining and go ride for the two of us.:wink:

hahaha, are girls that much weaker?

Even if they are a girl thats pretty pathetic…I hit my shins all the time with metal pedals, ya it hurts but it happens to everybody, no need to make a thread about it

hence the wide spread use of shinegards

jump mounts have to be among the lamest way to get hurt. no offense.

and if you get injured because you are not wearing shin guards that means you are not the brightest person ever. (the brightest would be wearing them) (helmets also apply)

also posting a thread because you smacked your shins with your pedals is like making a thread saying i ride a unicycle. almost everyone on here does it. and most of us do it repeatedly (on both parts)

well i haven’t really been able to really get hurt this summer from unicycling since i haven’t been able to ride it… i broke my arm/wrist biking and was in a cast for 5 weeks and just got it off 2 weeks ago when i got my cast off i could barely move my wrist and still don’t have full movement and not as strong as i was and today i sprained my finger pretty bad (hand i use to hop with) and can’t move it soo probably an other week at least with out riding …its been a pretty crappy summer for riding for me :frowning: :o

I was grinding a ledge today and things went horribly wrong. I had way too much speed and my weight was too far back, so by the time I got to the end of the ledge, my uni slid out from under me and my spine hit the ledge. I’m not gonna even try to ride in the next couple of days.


i have a huge chuck of skin out of my hand from trying a double rev (from flat on my friends uni) so i took today off just so i didn’t re-hit it (it’s REALLY sore)… but i’ll ride again tomorrow!!

I am a girl,

And may i just say you can’t judge how hurt someone is by listening to them…so please keep the nasty comments to yourself, and for your information i had broken my ankle last year and its still dodgy so of corse its bound to hurt. Also if some of you hurt your selves or did something worse so what, my leg hurts and im sorry that you can’t seem to accept that…and im not going to make it worse by riding some more now am i?

all im saying is,

female or male the human body is a body, if you get hurt you get hurt some more than others, so lay off my leg hurts and my ankle. GET OVER IT.

Im sorry to get so angry but sometimes you all really wind me up.

Now lets just forget about my ankle and the fact it does hurt…no infact how about you just call me a pansy, i can’t wait till you lot get injured, sympathy vote from gagtape - 0.

Now stop it!

You’re a girl, sweet!

I was only joking, btw. I didn’t actually mean you’re a pansy(although, you’ve got the tendencies…). The point is, everybody gets hurt unicycling, maybe with different intensity and frequency, but everybody knows what pain feels like. And practically any unicyclist can relate to having shin damage. Still, there is no point starting threads about it with such misleading titles.

And just to liven this thread up and get the competition started, here’s mine:

It doesn’t look like much, but it hurt like shit when I got it. It’s new pedal bites over some old ones(and a see-saw slam), so it’s extra tender.

I would say that it would depend on who the girl was and maybe, more importantly, what she looks like :smiley:

Im sorry i flipped a lil,

Yeah im no pansy lol seriosly i am not that sort of person, if i hurt myself i get back up carry on. This time it hurt lol and i mean HURT. lol.


Hehe, injuries = No problem unless they hurt

spiders - I cry, yes i admit i cry over spiders haha

Ok so im a half pansy but not an injury pansy =]

I dont think the problem with injuries are that they hurt. Its that what ever you have injured can not function until healed. That is much worse than pain.