Injured while unicycling

On Tuesday I had my first major injury ever… I broke my scaphoid in my right hand, and now have a cast on it. I started riding backwards and I fell, landing with all my weight on my right hand, after just two minutes outside with my unicycle! I’m right handed too, so this is a huge bother. I’ll be off my unicycles for at least six weeks :astonished: :frowning:

Dude that SUCKS, I feel sorry for ya’, cause I know what you’re going through, staring at your uni and feeling mad at gravity. Curse you physics!

That really sucks.

I bet you could still ride normally, just no tricks.

Think on the bright side, You now have an opportunity to become more ambidextrous.

It is now four weeks after my shoulder separation and my left arm is considerably larger than my right and I now have much better fine control with my left hand. I to am right handed.

Yer that sucks I was out for about 8 weeks when I broke my left hand whilst riding but the stupidest thing is how I did it… I managed to get my shoelace rapped around the spot between the wheel and crank and fell with all my wait on my left hand. :angry: (and I never lived it down after telling people… I mean seriously who brakes the arm because of a shoelace :stuck_out_tongue: ) Oh well hope you heal up nice and quick.

i know what you feel too… i broke my wrist while attempting to ride down 3 stairs after about 3 weeks from when i started riding (started as in not being able to ride one little bit)

the problem is that i actually landed it on my 4th attempt… but on my 5th (feeling all pumped wanting to perfect my moves) i slipt a somehow tangles my body ontop of my wrist and landing on it

oh well… of your like me you’ll be back on the uni after 2 weeks of injury

however im starting to think that i shouldnt have started back so early because my wrist is starting to hurt again now and it might be because of the incident

as you can probably see im a new rider, ive only rode for about 5 weeks, got my own uni 2 weeks ago

Yeah, I also broke my scaphoid in my right hand last fall. 3 months in a cast. No fun! Wear your wrist guards!

Sorry to hear that - I did the same last December…

Bad news is i’m still in plaster! The scaphoid healed in no time, but sadly damaged my wrist quite badly - mind you, never stopped me uni’ing and I was lucking for the cast to “fall off” around the time of my snowboarding trip :slight_smile:

I second the wrist guards advice - no glove, no unicycle love!