Injured: sympathy, please

For over a year I’ve been riding as hard as my 42 (now 43) year old
body will allow, taking it easy when my right knee started hurting
from riding one-footed, then even easier when my left knee started
giving me trouble (just as I succeeded at side mount, leg around an
extra time), but now I’m off the uni for at least a month. The doc
says its a fracture of the medial sesamoid bone on my big toe. What I
know for sure is I can’t put any weight on the toe or it HURTS!
Riding isn’t very fun when you’re worried that every fall might cause
even more pain and delay.

Anyway, I think it is a stress fracture from repeated UPDs onto
pavement. Anyone else break this bone riding?


Get well soon

I don’t know all the medical terminology, but I broke by left big toe the first week learning to uni. I am 40 years old. That was in September. It killed me. I made it to riding about 50 feet and had a UPD and jammed my big toe. I rode for 2 hours afterwards thinking It was just a really bad stubb.

The next day, so much pain, I went to the hospital, xray and sure enough it was broken. I was CRUSHED!!! I can now ride 5 miles on my 24".

I waited as long as I could, I think it was bout 3 weeks, my toe was feeling better, and I said to myself, this is crazy, I am going to ride again. I did, and luckily, I did not re-injure the toe.

You will get well soon.

Ive never hurt myself seriously enough to actually go to the doctor… so no Ive never done that.

But, get well soon!

Bummer. Worst part of breaking toes is they don’t do anything for it. I have broken one toe so many times a few years ago(non uni) I stopped going to the Doctor for it. Nothing worse than having a Doctor confirm what you already know, and do nothing to improve your situation.

I am just getting back to riding after 3 weeks off after hernia surgery. Actually I rode 1 1/2 weeks after just to see if I could ride pain free. Mostly life has been keeping me off the rest of the time.

You’ll be back to riding before you know it.

heaps and heaps of sympathy
get well soon

I can relate to your situation :frowning: It’s amazing how injuring such a small part of your body can cause soooooo much grief. Heal quickly!!!

Heal fast, Ken. Like Bugman, I quite going to the doctor for broken toes. I have had several times when I am sure it was broken because it turned such an awful black and blue color and hurt so bad. It was usually okay in 2 or 3 weeks.
You may want to wear some shoes that are more rigid in the toe area, and be sure to lace them tight so your toes can’t jam to the front.

Good luck,

Re: Injured: sympathy, please

Thanks for the replies. They really are nice to see.

“S_Wallis” <> writes:

> Heal fast, Ken. Like Bugman, I quite going to the doctor for broken
> toes.

I hear you, and I tried that. The sesamoid bone that broke is
embedded in the flexor tendon for my big toe. I thought it was
tendonitis (and I know more than I want to about that injury). But
the pain got worse and refused to improve even when I tried to avoid
using the toe. I figured it had to be a fracture. I’m glad I saw the
doctor: He put me in an aircast that lets me walk without putting
weight on the big toe. It is a lot like walking in a ski boot.

Anyway, the big toe is important enough that I’d make an exception to
your rule and have it checked out for injuries I would self-treat on
other toes.


I can most certainly sympathize. I started riding at 49 and even though I keep myself in better shape than most it still hurts more to break you body at this age. And it just takes longer to heal. It’s always a bummer when you have to take time off your uni for an injury.

I concur with underdog. At 48 I know it takes longer to heal, but I still heal. enjoy some time off and come back with some fresh ideas and energy. Sometimes a little time away from it can be healthy.

Get well soon!



your welcome.

Re: Re: Injured: sympathy, please

Glad to see they actually were able to do something more than confirm what you believed to be true. And really just how necessary is the big toe? The Record holder for longest field goal(shared with Jason Elam) Tom Dempsey had only half a foot! Certainly you could live w/o a big toe.:wink:

Sorry to hear that Ken, hope it gets better soon!

Speaking of injuries, anyone have any news on Dan Heaton and how he’s doing lately from his broken feet?