Injured Reserve List

Seems like we have several people who are currently on the Injured Reserve List.

Evan Byrne

Anybody else?

Let’s be careful out there.

add me up, had to get 3 x-rays and now i have my ankle in a cast. =p

I’ve been out for over 2 months with a bad knee and ankle :frowning: still trying to get an appointment with an ortho doctor to get it checked out

Dogbowl. Broke his elbow badly and hasn’t posted for ages - hope he doesn’t give up riding.


huzaah im on a list …and im not alone…we need 2 form a cripple/gimpy club…lol

Me too.

I removed the staples from my leg today (should have taken some photos), will hopefully be back on the unicycle in 2-3wks. Was back on the bike over the weekend…felt great :slight_smile:

My ankle is better now, tomorrow ill be able to ride like i usally do and not take too much caution =p

um, ankle twisted/almost sprained but i am still unicycling. walk with a limp tho.

i just snaped a tendon in my thumb i can still ride though

i’ll be on it at this rate and my crotch :smiley:

I’ve been back on my bike now ( 2 wheels) boy am I unfit, up hill was sooooo hard. Be a while before my stomach musles will take the twisting of the uni tho. Not till I can do those funny sit up and twist exercises easily.

I, too, am still amongst the disabled. I broke my right ankle on Dec 29, 2005, on my 3rd day of learning to ride. Had surgery to put it back together (plate on fibula with 6 screws, 2 interfracture screws in fibula, and 2 screws securing the broken off chunk of the tibia maleolus) on January 10, 2006. The forecast 6 weeks in a cast following the surgery turned into 11 weeks because of an eighth inch gap in part of the fibula fracture. Finally got out of the cast on March 29. I’m wearing shoes and walking without crutches now, although I can’t walk far, fast, or gracefully!

The muscles in my right foot and leg were appallingly week after 3 months in a cast. I’m now doing daily exercises to regain range of motion and riding my stationary bike to build strength.

I’m looking forward to resuming my unicycling attempt, although I will admit to being somewhat intimidated by the downtime, dismaying expense, and painful trouble this broken ankle has caused. (I have been sitting on the unicycle while hanging from a bar, just to keep my hand in!) When I do get back on board for real I’ll be wearing ankle supports and dressing up like the “Pad Queen” herself.

im glad 2 hear that your doing alittle better ronnie i broke my fibula but not that bad if i remember correctly we can both blame this on inconssistancies in the grass while dismounting…hope you get better


Wow. That’s the kind of news we hate to hear. I admire your spirit though, since you have not given up. If you go back to trying, find a tennis court. The fence is good for holding onto and the court is smooth and flat.

Hope you heal well. At our age, that kind of bodily injury cannot be good.

Don’t stress it unitoon, I’m having ankle problems 9 months later with it. And I hurt my other ankle yesterday, so off to the doc tomorrow :frowning:

if a pulled back muscle counts, then me too, but it’s getting better.

i fell off my bike doin jumps the other day… and i did something to my leg but i don’t know what… but its hurts when i put pressure on it so i wont be unicycling for a little while…

I’m out now too I guess, havn’t been to the doctor yet so no official word but my heal is super swollen and I can’t put pressure on it and my left palm has been swollen and lumpy for a couple weeks now, I just sprained that wrist today, cut up that pinky, and that ring finger is also swollen for some time.

The sad thing is that I just bent my seat, my cranks are shot, my pedals are shattered, my rim has a flat spot and my seat cover has two huge holes in the back kevlar.

But on the upside I got many of the bails on film and I got the footage of the double four set that caused all of this. (although I didn’t like the angle much :frowning: )

I’ve had a pulled rib in my back for the entire month of september, and it’s still bothering me alot. I keep going to the chiropracter to get it re-set but my musctles keep pulling it back out.

This is the third consecutive rib I’ve pulled out. The first one was early 2005, then I did another one the first day of NAUCC, then this one sept. 1st.


How the hell do you do that?!?!? you must have the back muscles of an oxe that does backflips!