Injured - again.

So, after breaking my leg in two places riding on ice last January, then spraining my ankle in Moab in October, I’m down again. Yes, it was ice again. And yes, I knew riding my 36er across that shiny frozen waterfall ice sloping across the trail was probably not a good idea. Anyhow, it’s basically just a knee sprain, torn/stretched ligaments on the inside of my knee. I’ve got a nice squeaky hinged brace that I get to wear for a while. I can still walk, although it’s pretty slow going, and there is a certain level of discomfort at times (makes me want to scream if I move wrong :p). Not so bad overall, but I’m afraid it’s putting me out of the rest of the winter uni season.

I’m starting to feel like I should grow up and stop doing stoopid things. :roll_eyes: But then it occurs to me that I’d rather use up my body living, than save my body while living like I’m dead. :wink:

Hmm[SIZE=2]… after reading your comments I feel moved get in with an early reply – as I sit here waiting for another cracked rib to heal :roll_eyes:

Firstly, condolences on your condition – but what the heck, you are right, using your skills to try things is an option and the one I would choose. In twenty years time you might use the term ‘life-changing experience’ – because by that time injuries could become just that!

Pity about the down-time with the uni but whatever you do – don’t grow up!! :slight_smile:

Good attitude. It’s always better to regret the things you have done than to regret those which you have not.

Call RG3 to discuss this concept, I believe he has the same injury :wink:

Hope you heal up soon.

Growing up is a bad idea. Sorry to hear about your mishap. I sometimes worry about injuring myself, especially on my motorcycle, but it’s not worth living a “safe” life which is not fulfilling. I hope you heal fast!

I agree with you and mbalmer, don’t grow up, it’s no fun. Sorry for your injury, maybe take the winter months off so you can feel strong plus why risk the ice getting you again. Sounds similar to what happened to me a couple years ago, I had suffered a bad sprained ankle in late summer, was back riding after a short recovery time, in winter I was riding one of the trails that the city trucks drive down to check on trails, docks, etc. This lady didn’t have her dog on a leash I had thought they were far enough away but the dog ran toward me I didn’t want to hit it (Border Collie) so I jumped off my unicycle right into a ice rut from a tire track and suffered another sprain :o That was around January 2, I took the rest of the winter off just to let my ankle get stronger. I hope you have a quick recovery.

Sorry to hear you’re hurt again. Sounds like you’d get more riding time over the course of the year if you just laid off riding for 3-4 months each winter. :o

That or move to Florida.

Or, you could use up your body living, but stick to the stuff that’s really enjoyable, but not stoopid. For example, do lots of unicycling, but be wary of stuff like taking a coker across a sheet of ice :slight_smile:

I’m 47, and, sometimes when I look at others my age, i really appreciate the fact that I’m physically able to do stuff like unicycling. But, I like to think that when I’m 57, I’ll still be able to unicycle and do all the other stuff I do now- so I avoid ice and other stuff that would be likely to jeapordise that.

I’ve been nursing a broken ankle for 5 weeks now, so I am very empathetic. I guess it would be worse if the sun was out but here in Seattle that won’t happen until…

me too…

I had an awkward UPD in downtown seattle on my 36er at the end of November. Tore my PCL (posterior cruciate, the ligament nobody tears) and crushed and tore the meniscus in my right knee. Had surgery December 14th and started riding a stationary bike 8 days later and on a real bike 12 day after surgery. No unicycle for at least 6 months. I had plans for 2013, now they are postponed until 2014. I got bounced up when I hit something and I came down with so much force with my leg onto the spikes on the peddle it tore the tire off the rim and popped the tube. Knee just buckled backward.
No regrets! right before I crashed I was having the best time riding my uni, did 100 miles on my 50th birthday and loved it. Can’t wait to get back on. I still have a Seattle to Portland ride to do. If I get hurt again, OK. But I will ride to Portland as soon as I can, I don’t care if it takes until I am 70. Kinda thought I would break an arm or leg…
Get well soon!

LA LA LA LA - I can’t hear you - we don’t get injured on these things - LA LA LA LA

Yesterday I had a lovely ride on dry single track, nice and flowy, the weather was fair, mid forties, cloudy, light breeze, typical January weather in East Tennessee.

Meanwhile, back at the Artic Circle, we check in on James…

…who hurt himself riding on ice, again, and somehow thinks that this news is going to bring me to Montana for year round living??

James, seriously, I think you need to move South, Montana is not a healthy place for you :roll_eyes:

Bummer about the leg though, make sure it’s healed well for this Summer, we ain’t taking no weak leg excuses, multi day ride planning is going down!

And uh, how about stayin off the ice for the season?

Don’t show this thread to my wife!

In all seriousness, I hope you’re back on one wheel soon!

If you insist on riding on ice, why don’t you use the proper equipment?

You could always try riding in Southern California. I saw a patch of mud last week, but no ice.

I hope you get well soon.


That’s crappy dude :frowning:

Here’s to a quick recovery and maybe buying another “The Todd” tyre and a pack of self tapping screws for next winter :wink:

Hey, thanks for all the great comments, the one above is super-duper. :slight_smile:
Best wishes to others who are injured, and it sounds like in relative terms mine is pretty minor.

As to the ice thing: OK, not smart. But riding in the winter is about the most fun thing ever. Other than the one ice spot (that I should have dismounted for and walked around), the rest of my Saturday ride was spectacular on packed snow trails (the leg didn’t start hurting really bad until after I finished out the ride). Riding on snow is so variable that it makes dirt seem pretty tame. Riding when it’s in the teens or 20’sF is much more comfortable than in the rain or when you’re roasting. It’s also forced me to get pretty good at freemounting on the 36, because there is hardly ever a good flat spot to mount; you pretty much have to static mount into a couple hops. And Ben, I’m pretty sure winter unicycling is still a lot safer than telemark skiing. :wink:


@uniShark, get well soon.

I’m in active denial. I’m positive that the sprained ankle last August had nothing to do with a bad, fast dismount off on my 29er! Never mind that it started hurting immediately afterward. I’m sure that’s just some sort of coincidence.

All better now, but it took about 4 months (during which, of course, I wore ankle braces and kept riding anyway, LA LA LA LA)

Wishing you all speedy recoveries,
– UniT

Yeah, after my ankle sprain, my doctor re-thought things and told me it’s probably a good idea to wear ankle braces. It’s just too easy to land wrong, particularly with muni. Ankle braces are now part of my regular riding protection gear (along with wrist braces and helmet). Doc says braces with straps are the key.

I’ve thought about ankle braces, used to wear them when playing basketball. What kind are you using for uni? Do you have a picture?

Ankle braces? Sheesh - okay… so now the list we need is:


  • Helmet
  • Wrist protection
  • Shinpads
  • Kneepads
  • Kidney protection
  • Groin guard
  • Ankle Braces [/LIST]

    Did I miss anything? :stuck_out_tongue:

    Pretty soon we’ll just wrap ourselves up in 15tog quilts and look like medieval knights… :wink:

    (I only have a sprained wrist, a stalled finger and a sprained ankle so far - not doing too badly)