'Infusion seat'

After getting some sore body parts from LD riding, I decided the seat concept needed improving.
The resulting seat is attempt #2. It was a KH Fusion Freeride and I have cut away all of the centre section. From then on I messed about with contact cement, 3 way stretch vynal and a heat gun. It took longer and was much harder than expected to cover the foam with a reasonably neat job.
As part of the research I sat on the uni naked to work out where the bits actually go. I hope the neighbours weren’t watching!
I believe I am on the right track for seat development for LD riding. The pics also show my much modified T7 seatpost.
This thread is not criticising both the original seat or seat post. They have given me a great point to start to play with and I cannot help myself messing about with current designs.
It all looks a bit agricultural but it’s the idea that counts as a prototype.
Happy LD riding, the important parts have thanked me.:slight_smile:

The naked part was more info than we / I required. But hey… total dedication to ones craft should receive credit. The design actually looks pretty good. Not at all agricultural.

Interesting concept; I just hope the middle section doesn’t “collapse” on you! :astonished:

I did some naked seat testing many years ago, trying to shape a seat out of thin layers of packing foam. I learned a couple of things:

  • That kind of foam is close-celled, and though the bubbles are tiny, they don’t take long to deflate if you sit on them. My cool seat lost its comfiness after a very short time.
  • I never want to ride a unicycle naked – ever.
  • Naked testing probably isn’t very useful either, unless you plan on riding naked. Better to test with various forms of “containment,” in the form of the types of shorts you would wear.
  • I tested in the basement; no windows!

Your seat looks great. Probably more of a slot than you need, but what’s the harm in that? Other than what Terry said. I guess you definitely don’t want to ride that one naked…

You rode around naked on a unicycle in your basement? That’s both mildly creepy and hilarious.

No more! No more! we don’t need to know any more!!! (What happened to this nice friendly family forum?)

Going along with someone else’s old quote, without nudity there would be no family forum.

I apologize for taking your legitimate thread off topic. You did a nice job with the seat and I’m thinking I may do something similar with my T7. Does removing the back section of the handle make it feel any more front heavy?

I should explaine the naked bit. I didn’t ride on the street, just sat on the seat at various stages in private to try to understand how the seat could work better. The neighbours bit was a sick joke :). I cut along the lines of the groove of the fusion seat and then put a slight chamfer on the inside edges. The two halves of the fusion seat foam then have to be glued onto the seatbase. The rest of the shape is the result of glueing and stretching the vynal over the seat.
I am not saying it’s perfect but I feel it is much better for distance riding.

Cutting the back of the T7 doesn’t affect the balance at all. I cut it off because I am not a great free mounter and kept getting tangled in it.

The only other thing I’ll add is that you didn’t need to make the “channel” extend all the way to the front, unless you plan of sitting that far forward, lol. It only really need to extend to about the mid-point.

I sense a sig quote!!!

Perhaps he is better equipped that you? Don’t hate on the minority!:slight_smile:

Lol!:stuck_out_tongue: But it still wouldn’t be necessary for the channel to extend all the way to the front unless he was riding naked…and let’s hope not! Otherwise the “package” is contained by your clothing.

obviously it’s for her.