Info on the new KH Percussion Leg Armor


There have been a couple of threads on the new Percussion Leg Armor, which is now available in stores. I just uploaded some info and a few photos here, if you scroll over the armor thumbnail:

To paraphrase an earlier thread, these are the improvements over the Roach or 661 4x4 armor that I incorporated into this armor:

-more protection in the back of the calf and on the inside of the knee than 4x4’s
-more abrasion resistance against a 3" tire, on the inside of the calf
-armor that doesn’t flare out at the inside knee when you bend your leg
-easier to take on/off than the 4x4’s.
-minimal number of seams and double or triple stitching in high wear areas
-velcro that doesn’t fall apart prematurely
-design that doesn’t irritate the back of your knee
-knee padding that doesn’t sag with extended use
-knee plastic that doesn’t cut through the surface fabric
-more ventilated and lightweight, through design of the back protection.
-durable but still washable and lightweight
-better quality, more durable liner fabric and outside fabric than the 4x4’s

I’ve been testing proto’s of the armor for almost a year now and it turned out really well- all of the above are in the armor design and I think people will like it.



that is some good news!

I’ll probaby get some once I wear through my 661’s

If my Krusher pads take a good beating when it gets warmer, then I will definitely get these.

Mine are on there way from UDC! :slight_smile:

cool, I’ll for sure get a pair soon, when my 661s are through the trashing process. my favorite improvement has got to be the calf protection, the 661’s don’t give the greatest protection there.

bravo on another sweet product

Cool. These seem really good, I will get myself a pair when the snow melts and I can start practising for FLUCK again :slight_smile:

They look very nice. Thanks Kris, I look forward to wearing these armour!

is that your leg in the picture? i’ve got to say, those pictures on your website make the pads look a lot cooler than udc’s picture of them over jeans.

Yeah that’s my leg and the photo is a bit contorted because I took the photo myself. I’ll have to get UDC to update their photo.


They look nice. I think they will replace my 661’s when they get worn out. The only problem I see after wearing them for a long time is the knee straps might dig into the back of the knee. I guess this could be solved by just taking them off for 5 minutes every once in a while though…

I plan on trying the new KH leg armour in the near future, but in the meantime I just ordered another pair of 661 4x4’s from Nashbar; Price is more than right at only $24.99. (Waaay less than UDC’s price of $43!) Flat shipping rate of $7.99 to anywhere in the US. :):D:p :sunglasses:

Nice, those look really good.

look nice, but pretty much the same as mu 661’s. If they cheaper when mine wear out i’ll be sure to hook meself up with a pair.

These are the ways that they are different than the 661’s:

  1. Better quality, stronger face fabric and inside liner fabric
  2. Better quality foam- has more impact protection in the shin area
  3. Way quicker and easier to get on/off
  4. Extend slightly further above the knee
  5. More back of the leg protection
  6. Plastic in the knee is less likely to cut through the face fabric
  7. Slightly more protection to the inside of the knee.
  8. Better velcro design in the knee, to keep the inside of the knee from flaring out and hitting the fork crown on a 24 or 29" uni.
  9. Better quality stitching throughout.
  10. More abrasion resistant on the inside of the leg, for BC wheels and protection against a 24" tire.


oic what the RRP going to be? Also can get hot in these pads, any venting incorporated into the design?

Nice, they look really good I think I will get a pair.

Im not too sure about what size to get tho, im 6’ 3". What size does someone else about my height wear?

I won’t say that they are going to be ice cold on a hot day =).

But in my opinion they aren’t that bad. I didn’t put vents in the front of the shin, like the 661’s, because the 661’s porous foam is not as impact-resistant and making holes in the shin plastic reduces the impact resistance. I personally don’t like the thermoformed pads (like the Roach Rally Armor) because it is a lot less flexible. Keeping the wraparound away from the back of the knee, and (for bigger calf sizes) having a gap down the outside in the back seems to work well for ventillation.

Price is USD$60 or 59 Euros. I don’t yet have a price in the UK.


Anybody over 6’ is probably an XL. I’m just over 5’10 and I fit a Large.


You are right about the ventilation holes.
I have the 4X4 661’s and I had a few pedalbites trough the foam.
So I might try the KH’s when my 661’s are destroyed.