Info on Nimbus castle top 29er

Just wondered if anyone could advise on bearing size and hub spacing of the old castle top nimbus 29 frames?
Wondering as I just made an impulse buy on one that was ending on eBay (for a mighty £10.49!) I’m too impatient to wait for it to arrive!
Any other info would be great as well such as year of production and any pics of them built up??

Can’t wait to get back on a uni, and even better I can build this to my own spec!

How old is the frame? Can you post pictures of the frame, and maybe the bearing holders specifically?

I believe my old Nimbus 2 frame had pressed holders, and was originally made for 40mm bearings. When they started putting Maggie mounts on them I’m fairly certain that they went to 42mm machined holders. What I don’t know is whether they ever put machined 40mm holders on the 29" frame. The Nightrider frame had machined 40mm holders for a little bit before it became the “Impulse,” so they had the smaller holders available which makes it all a little more confusing.

Might be worth noting that they still sell a frame of that style for a 26 inch wheel, both setup for a 40mm bearing cotterless hub for the club line and setup for a 42mm bearing splined hub for the Nimbus line.

So it would be more a question what what they did than what they could have done.

Seems like ordering parts without checking the actual frame would be risky, unless guessing cotterless and also getting rings to adapt to 42mm; but then, is it worth buying new parts to build up a cotterless wheel compatible with a random cheap frame, vs. choosing the parts you want and getting a suitable frame?

If it does have pressed bearing holders they will work with any hub 40-42mm without adapters. It’s just the machined holders that get picky about the fit.

I don’t plan on buying anything before I receive it was mainly wondering if there were any pics of one built as I can’t find any.
Here is the picture from the auction

Says in the description it has magura mounts so may well be 42mm

I’d bet that it’s 42mm. Back when my 40mm Nimbus 2 frame was new it was only available in chrome. I can’t recall any of the painted ones with 40mm holders. Maggie mounts makes me more sure.