Info on Bedford Unicycles

Im looking to buy a new trails unicycle from bedford. I currently have a Norco 20 inch that i abuse more than i should, like i am a pretty big guy (190lb) abd im doing a lot of hopping and drops, like 2-3 feet drops. My norco is still in pretty good condition (I think?!), but i am worried it will break on me one of these days.

So I was looking at the Bedford Unicycles price list, and if i can avoid it, i dont want to buy the $500 ones. Now I was wondering if anyone has the 20" Bedford light duty unicycle, is it stronger than the norco i have, or should i be looking at the bedford uni with the KH components.

Oh, and one more thing, how do you buy from bedford? do you order by phone??

I would advise you to go with a unicycle with splined hub.

Personally it seems better to buy a more expensive unicycle that would hold up to what you are doing, then to buy another relatively inexpensive unicycle that might break. From what you described I don’t think the non-splined hub on the Bedford light duty would last your kind of riding.

Bedford is great to deal with. Just give him a call, or email. From what I understand the only payment method he currently accepts is a check.

Thx a lot dude

E-mail Darren and pose your questions to him. He will advise you honestly and you can write back and forth as much as you like until you are satisfied with what you have learned.

He ships promptly and is completely reliable.

this sometimes gets people, but remember his prices are Canadian Dollars, so that $500 might actually be $400??


I went to the bank today to buy some American money, and $300 USD was $374.50 Canadian. (As a guide.)