Info needed, history of slacklining, Steve McPeak


A friend of mine is writing a magazine article on slackline walking.

Just wondering if anybody knows some good articles/resources on the history of slackline walking.

Apparently Steve McPeak did the first highline slackline walk in Yosemite valley. Any information on this would be great.

Also anyone have contact info for Steve?


Kris Holm

Here are some links:


The people on this site should be of help if you wanted to post. There is also a lot of good information there.

A reference to circus performers “walking the slack line” is made in the novel “Hard Times” by Charles Dickens published in 1854. There is no mention of how this line is rigged or what performers did on the line but possibly more info could be obtained from periodicals from this era.
I have had a small amount of experiensce with slack lines, and just for the record I think I will stick to unicyling. (way safer)

Interesting. Apparently there is also reference to slacklining by the ancient Greeks, so it has definately been around for a while.

Anyone know about slacklining in China or Russia? I bet it goes way back there as well.


Slacklining probably outdates tightropes. All you really need is a rope attached between two trees and you’ve got a primitive slackline. You’ll probably want to find information on modern slacklining, the kind invented by rock climbers.

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