info need on CF parts

hi. I was wondering who has the deathgrip handle, how they like it, and about cf bases ect. How strong are they, how well they work, are they worth the money. thanks


Contact Scott Wallis at scott (att) Wallisdesign (dott) com.

I love it. The CF plate is probably the best investment in upgrading any MUni or trials set up. The DeRail base with the Thompson seat post is mighty light if you’re a weight wienie and plenty strong. The grip is comfy and, I think adds to a riders level of confidence.

If you can afford it, go for it. There are many riders using this product and everything I ever read from anyone has been great stuff. I ride mostly left handed on the handle, but, when I switch, because my braking hand gets tired on long descents, I can still hold on to a lip on the handle with my right hand.

For some info on the seat base and handle go here with prices.

CF is expensive to produce. Scott’s prices are VERY fair.



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yea, thanks for the info. I have one of the brand new KH saddles that are supposedly stronger than the old ones, and I was wondering if the deathgrip handle would work withought the cf base. Thanks


the handle will work with the kh but the point of the carbon fiber base is it doesnt flex I have one of the new kh and it flexs way to much so I got my CF base coming in the mail

I think basically you get the benfit of the handle being a better shape and thuis more ergonomic to use, but not the benfit of it being carbon fibre i.e. you don’t save much weight and because of the seat base it’s not any stiffer.