Info in Unicon XII

Hi all,

I apologize for my silence on Unicon XII. Other than having a severe time crisis in our
dictionary institute (, a major reason is that I don’t have full information and that
the liaison person for the JUA International Committee never materialized. There was
a plan for somene like this and I still hope it will work, since personally it is impossible for
me to handle all the communications.

Having said that, it turn out that, as before, by default, I am the only one around so in the next
few days I hope to be able to send a series of email and announcements on UXII.

The good news is that a couple of months ago we did get official permission to use the Olymppic
facilities at Yoyogi. Here are the email addresses for the main member of the committee. These
should work though Yuuichiro Katoo has been silent and inacceessible for quite a while, and Mr.
Wakae’s canniot answer because of the language barrier. Yuuichiro, please show a sign of life
if you are reading this.

JUA International Committee (JUA-IC)

Masanori WAKAE (committee head)
Yuuichiroo KATOO
Jack HALPERN (chief consultant)

The above are directly involved in the commitee work. Mayumi and Daiki are quite
active and Mayumi’s English is not bad.

The main JUA staff and executives involved are below. Normally don’t contact them but contact
the committee members.

Fuyuki TSUCHIYA <>
Hiroshi MASUDA <>

I want everyone to rest assured of the following. Though communications is poor now,
the committee IS WORKING hard on preparations. Eventually, details will be published
on the UXII website. I will do my best to provide info until that happens.

To the webmasters and Ken Fuchs—

I’d appreciate it if you can publish the above names and addresses at the appropriate place
at the IUF website. Ken, could you please subscribe the above people to iuf-discuss,
if they are not already subscribed. Somme of them are not Internet-savvy enough to do it themselves.

More soon. Thank you all for your patience.

Stay on top, Jack Halpern
Executive Director for International Development
International Unicycling Federation, Inc.