Info for Newbie needed!

Hey, I’m new to Unicycling and I don’t know what type of Unicycle I should buy. I’m into mountain riding and maybe trials, so I need a unicycle that will survive this.
What size Frame/Tire does someone 6 foot tall need?
I’m kind of out of money right now so I need something $160 Canadian or cheaper.

Save your pennies. You can spend $300-$500 (US) and have a uni that’ll last for years. Or you can spend $100-$150 (US) and have a uni that’ll last for months.

Value analysis:
$150 lasting 12 months (if you’re lucky and baby it) = $12.50/mo
$500 lasting 3 yrs (even rough riding) = $13.88/mo

So, for $1.38 ea month you get a much much much better piece of equipment. And since you can ride it so much harder, you get that much better for being able to push yourself and not hold back.

A $300 uni analized the same way is actually cheaper. ($8.33/mo)

I say forego one order of fries each month and get a better machine.

Yeah, you’re going to be hard pressed to find a realistic uni for $160. That’s the exact price that my beginner cost me. I rode it for 2 months, passed level 2, ripped the saddle a bit, and sold it to a friend for $80. It was great for learning on, but was a piece of crap for any serious riding.

You’re going to want at least a $300, 24" muni. I’m sure there is some KH outlet around you, but i really have no idea about the west coast vendors. In the east, i’d recommend Bedford. Darren will answer all of your questions and set you up with the best uni for you, total custom, if needed.

Just looking at, he only really offers two possibilities on the cheap side, and i use the word ‘cheap’ really loosely:
24" X 3" BEDFORD - LIGHT DUTY - $390.00, and
24" X 3" BEDFORD - WITH KH HUB/CRANKS - $550.00

If it were me, i’d get the Bedford/KH, but i have a job and know that i’d need and fully use this uni. I have the 2.5" X 20" version, and it has been great for street riding. If this is your first uni, and you don’t actually know if you’ll want to stick with the sport, then i’d recommend just getting a beginner $160 piece of crap and learn to ride around on the streets. Worry about the mountains and trails when you can ride, know for certain which style you want to stick with, and have $500 to spend. That’s my advice. Good luck.