Inflatable Clown Costume

Came in the post today!! :D:D:D yayayayay

I cycled to the park in it. It as amazing.

Lol, that’s cool.

Where did you get it?

I don’t mean this to sound mean, but when you have that costume on I hate you.

I’m sorry.

I don’t hate you, but you do stand a chance of getting beat up if you ride down the street like that… :stuck_out_tongue:

What are your plans for the costume?

Wow. That’s something else. I hope you don’t pop it on your uni.:slight_smile:

I have no idea! I saw it on ebay and just bid for it. But its amazing :)! It has a fan so when i press a button it inflates in a few seconds

safety equipment? …you know, air bags.

You look like a clown. dat dat dada dada dat dat dahhhh

Kid, you just gave me and my whole family a great laugh! That is just hysterical. Makes me want to buy one and wear on my next muni ride! Way to go. You’re a true individual!

That is awesome!!!

OMG! Youre just enforcing the idea that clowns ride unicycles. This is never going to give the sport a good look or the seriousness we need to even move on a little bit. Wow, thanks for knocking us back about 10 years. Now everyone is going to sing that fing circus song!!! G D*** I*!!!

Haha, kidding!

That looks awesome.

It would be nice to wear that during the summer. The fan must have a high enough CFM to keep it inflated, so it seems it would be rather cool in there as long as the air circulates nicely.

On a Muni ride we got called “clowns with abs”. I guess you look like clown with flab! I think it is hysterical, nice score.

Go riding dressed like that on the most difficult Northshore you can find.

And video it.

haha thats cool.

yes absoloutely, that or some hardcore trials, and post it on a bike website

“wow he’s off to the circus… he can do tricks and everythin!”
hmm, might not be completely fool proof lol

i’d like to see you playing hockey in that tomorow… would be a good goalkeeper.

Possibly by another unicyclist. :smiley:

I also have one of these…Well HAD
For halowwen i thought…“I have a great idea…Why don’t i Fire Juggle wearing the suit on a 7ft giraffe” (I had never tried juggling on the giraffe never mind the fire juggling)
Went ok for the first 2 attempts but the third time not so great. I dropped a fire ball and it landed on my knee. Luckly the suit didn’t catch but it left a hole in the suit. Stupid idea.
What annoyed me most was that no-one got it on video or camera:(

No seriously, don’t give up. Next time you will get the video.