infiltrate the bicycle club?

I figure my best bet for finding or recruiting new unicycle riders in my area would be to infiltrate a local bicycle club and ride with them.

The clubs in my area list rides by intensity, speed, and distance. I don’t know if I can keep up with some of the slower rides and want to be sure before I try.

Can anyone recommend a device that will calculate mileage and speed on my uni to save me the trouble trying to estimate it. Any other words of advice?

use a bicycle computer! or measure out a distance with your car’s odometer, then with a little math and a stopwatch, you can figure out all you need to know.:slight_smile:

will this work the same on a bike as a uni? installation?

I thought about this too… but a lot of my riding is not where a car can or would go… riding on the road with traffic is so different from riding on a trail (paved or otherwise)

Computer attaches on the seatpost, sensor on the fork+wheel as normal.

You can’t see it if you’re riding though.

You can also get wireless speed things, that save the wire between the sensor and computer, and I think mean you can wear the computer on your arm, but I’m not sure about that bit.

Or go all out and get a gps, various wrist mounted GPS units exist, and it saves you attaching things to the uni.


this is how jess did it -
if you are on a 36" it would be nice to have the computer as a permanent feature.

Your chances of keeping up with a regular bicyclist on the flat rides you’re likely to have around Jacksonville are virtually nil. Once you have some experience on the big wheel, you can probably keep up with the slowest rides.

uh, this is Florida… nearly everything is flat unless the route includes a bridge like downtown. :smiley:

I figure I couldn’t compete and wouldn’t want to compete with the serious faster rides… but I don’t want to be a drag or burden on the social rides either…

The gps sounds great… I’d like to have something to put in my pocket 'cause I think upd’s off road just might make the computer malfunction. Unless bike computers are cheap… then I wouldn’t worry.

this was written by mikefule about fitting cycle computers to unicycle

its worth a look

bike computers are really cheap (like $10 of cheap). If you mount them under
the seat, they’re protected by the seat anyway.

About keeping up with bikes. I can keep up fine with ‘family ride’ type of rides on the geared up 29er. Pretty much anyone who rides more than once a week can go faster than me though.

In the UK, we have this thing called Cyclists Touring Club, which organises a mixture of rides. Their very slowest rides are unicycle friendly, but the ‘normal speed’ ones with a 12mph average* are a bit fast.


*be careful about averages - some people only count time riding into their average, some people use proper average, where if they say 10mph average, 100 miles, they mean that in 10 hours you will be 100 miles away, including time for rests and stuff.

Yeah cycle computers are so cheap and in some ways more infallible than a GPS, which have a tendency to loose signal in built up areas. I would avoid the wireless types, all the ones I’ve found use infra red rather than radio, this means the computer must be almost directly above sensor, so you can’t wear them on your wrist. A handle like a UDC T7 or a GB4 (one on sale in the trading post atm) will allow you to mount a cycle comp where it can be easily seen while riding, and is well protected. Otherwise, fix it to the seatpost right up under the saddle and it will be safe as houses.


Yo Unibugg should come into Lakeshore Bicycles near Blanding Blvd and San Juan and we can talk one wheels if you want. Mostly work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday
Shop hours
M-F 9-6
Sat. 9-5:30
Stop in maybe we can set up a ride.

oh, my gosh. Vegankyle, you are the unicyclist from the Westside store that I’ve heard so much about. I’d been thinking about getting up the nerve to just barge in the store and look for you.

I’ve been visiting the Orange Park store. It’s where I ordered my Torker.

I’ll definately be by soon. Thanks for the invite!

I hadn’t thought about that. Good point. Riding, resting, it should all be included. I suppose I should also take that into account when I try to ride with a bicyclist. Let them know that under most circumstances I need to rest every so often.

Very helpful. If I hadn’t seen this link I just might have bought a wireless.
There’s lots of other helpful tips on the link too. Thanks.

no problem thank mikefule if you want to thank someone

wht are you riding, because if it is not at least 36 incher, i dont think you’ll have a chance.