Infertility among made unicyclists

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So! Has any research been done around this?? I ask this because… I may be young, but I care about my future. One day I’d like to have a litter of my own. One day I’d also enjoy not hitting my nuts on my seat. Sure unicyclists hate hearing the term “does that hurt your nads??”, and we rarely talk about it. But truth be told, accidents happen and I’m getting a lil worried about how often I lay on the ground in pain, can’t be good for you.

I don’t want simple opinions from older riders that aren’t shooting blanks like: “I’ve been riding for 20 odd years and me and my wife just popped out another!” I’m a street rider, you may hit your nads once a day or once a week doing some silly “UPD” or something… But I often hit them around 2 - 3 times per session of riding (when practicing seriously) Sometimes I’ll even push through the pain and hit them again while still recovering from the last … What I’m wanting to know is if there is any actual research around hitting your nads on a regular basis and if it has an effect on the “male reproductive organ”.

Touchy subject…

did you google it? i mean Johnny Knoxville has 2 children so that may help you a little.

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Unicyclists reproducing is highly overrated.

I think that’s quite a bit more than we wanted to know.

Having been to the emergency room for testicular injury I now ride in compression shorts with a cup. It isn’t as comfortable as without but it is a lot better than getting hurt.

Definitely not in a way that would specify whether the person was a unicyclist. We would have heard about it. So I guess the next question is whether there are studies on people who do similar activities that are nut-destructive. I don’t know.

We do hear about some studies on centerline nerve and “area” damage. I forgot what that area is called, but it’s where hardcore bicyclists are affected if they do huge hours of saddle time. That’s very different from the nut-busting activities of Street riding, so any information collected in one area probably has nothing to do with information from the other. For the bicyclists, it’s usually more about numbness, circulation problems and the related potential for erectile dysfunction.

I don’t know what you are all worried about. I have ridden for years, taken tons of hits to the twig-n-berry region and had no trouble having perfectly normal kids. These are some shots of our first pair of co-joined twins - just after a self-performed separation surgery . . it messy when one got a little “bitey” with the other.



Basically what I meant had nothing to do with unicycling. I meant is there research on people having problems if they have experienced repeated blows to the jewels. Guess I should just ask google. Thought there would be more wise men on this forum with a quicker answer ;0

Laughing loudly now . . . . . I may need to buy some wisdom at the store soon. . . . . that would be the acme testicle wisdom store. . . .more laughter now

Ok, bed time. gotta go make some more sorta-normal co-joined twins with my wife



I like that you enjoy yourself :slight_smile:

You want the opinion of older riders who ARE shooting blanks, right? :wink:

From a personal anecdote (riding for 20 years now with 2 kids) there is no issue. I do recommend wearing cycle shorts as that will give some padding if there is an unexpected impact. At one point in my twenties I cycled a minimum of 20 hours every week for road racing. Right now I unicycle between 50 and 200 km a week.

Medically speaking, my cycling coach put it best. You are better off being passionate about a sport that motivates you to be active then being inactive since you are afraid of potential impacts. If you are an individual that is active, eats well, and avoids infertility risks (abusive drugs and alcohol), your abilities to reproduce will be far greater. If unicycling is what it takes to help you lead that lifestyle, then do it!

I find it’s best not to look at this issue in the bubble of just the sport itself. It’s much more important to be aware of the entire lifestyle. As far as specific damage that can occur to that area of the body (in any sport), check with a qualified medical doctor.

thats the best think ive heard in a while kinda makes me wish there was a like button :slight_smile:


I don’t think you are reassuring him.

Would you let your daughters date a unicyclist?


Hmmm . . maybe . . . I guess it could be a small bonus they wouldnt really have to have to worry about birth control - cause of all the nut destruction going on in this post.

If fertility is the only concern you could probably have some sperm samples stored and then get on with hurting yourself worry free.

Thought about that… Have you seem the costs??? A few k more then I have lying around… I guess I’m not that serious about it, otherwise I’d be dipping into my unicon funds. Not gonna let that happen!

But then I think about how I might feel later down the track if I can’t produce mini unicyclists of my own… hmm

I’m a sperm donor.

And no, I don’t whack my bits every day, but I have been known to ride 160km without any seat foam :stuck_out_tongue:

Go figure

What exactly do you mean by this? There seems to be way more information in this thread than we really need.

I’m talking about the thread authors reference to gonadal trauma: