Inexpensively preparing your camera for the snow.

Some of the best shots can be had during inclimate weather. Why let a little snow or rain stop you from getting outside and capturing some great footage?

To be able to get out there and not ruin your camera or camcorder you need to find a way to protect your equipment from the elements. One very simple and inexpensive solution to this problem is to find a ziplock bag which is large enough to fit your camera. Once inside, angle the lens into a corner of the bag and snip off the corner with a pair of scissors, leave some overhang so water or snow can’t easily drip down onto your lens.

You should be able to screw it right onto your tripod without cutting a hole in the bottom of the bag, but whatever you do make sure that it is sufficiently secured, you don’t want your camera falling off of the tripod.

Also be aware of the fact that unless you have an external microphone you are willing to expose to the weather, you will have no worthwhile sound in your video with the camera inside the bag.

Finally, be aware of the direction of the wind, and never have the lens facing against it. You don’t want snow or water or whatever it is blowing into your lens. The safest way to protect the exposed lens is to purchase a cheap UV (clear) filter for your camera if it has threads on the front of the lens. UV Filter: Make sure that you get the right thread size. At around 15 dollars these filters are a lot more disposable than the lens or electronics of your camera.

I’ll deffenitly be doing that

I shot this little video in 20min to test out the camera protection. No fancy riding, don’t get excited. I actually look like quite a noob. The snow was several inches deep in places and it was the super light powdery kind which gives you absolutely not raction.

Snow Fun Uni - Watch it in HD or not at all!

Results: Camera was perfectly dry.

that’s almost exactly how I recently set up my camera. except I stuck mine in so the lens came out the opening and I ran a chunk of scotch tape across the opening between the mic and the lens.

Yeah I considered that but I decided it didn’t need to be airtight since anything that would get inside would go below the camera anyhow and the overhanging plastic further blocks potential precipitation from contacting the lens. It was too cold for scotch tape to stick and I don’t want duct tape residue on my camera.

Nice little video and I like your camera protection system a lot.


yeah even in the snow I somehow managed to keep the scotch tape on.

just stick a couple of jonnies round it, one from each end overlapping in the middle

what’s a jonnie?

Nice vid, I did an 8 km ride in that kind of snow to work last Saturday, it was brutal!

the camera being dry or not isnt my problem, its the battery being warm. But ive got a system i’m thinking of.

My camcorder can actually use the same battery as my digital SLR. I’ve got the standard battery that came with the camcorder, a super high capacity one that I bought for it and three smaller capacity ones from my still camera. Battery power isn’t really my issue. :stuck_out_tongue:

I suggest you get a second battery and keep it in a pocket as close to your body as possible to keep it warm. When the first battery starts getting cold and reading low power, just swap the one thats in your pocket with the one on the camera and start warming up the cold one. Once its warm and the other is cold you can swap again and it will keep you going for a long time. has amazing prices on replacement batteries for most cameras. The official canon battery for my still camera costs about $55, I got two compatible batteries from sterlingtek that are each double the capacity of the original battery for $20 total. They have one year warranties on the batteries too so its not nearly as sketchy as buying no name batteries off of ebay.

evidently, something clear, stretchy and liquid proof, that is often reffered to by euphemism. Take a wild shot in the dark.

p.s. i like “bannana sleeve”

Ahhhhh… ok… just make sure you get the ones that aren’t pre-lubed