inexpensive unicycles

I have managed to get several of my brother’s friends into unicycling. What would the ideal unicycle be? I was thinking torker or dodger 24’’.

just beginning? Torker LX or CX. Around $100 or less. But if you get the CX, buy a new seat, you’ll be glad you did.

Hi unicyclerperson. If there are enough people interested in the same uni, you might want to try to wrangle a group discount. It’s worth a shot.

Get the LX. My learner was a 24 LX. Worth the extra $20 or $30. Better components and seat. Mine was just over $100.


Feel the Light recently posted a place selling Torker AX 24s for around $100 shipped. It’s basically the LX, but with a lighter aluminum frame. Seemed like a great deal to me. No time to search for the thread at the moment–sorry.

Okay, found the link:

It’s US$125 for the 24", US$91 for 20". Didn’t dig around for shipping. Still a good deal.

I bought a Schwinn. I love it and the seat is comfortable.

Thanks but I think it might still be a tad expensive as my brother’s friends are still new and don’t want to dump a lot of money into it just yet. I’ll definately tell them about it as it’s a pretty good bargain. Do you know if there are group discounts or something of that sort like glen said?

I have a bedford 24’’ inch and I love it. A lot of other people like it more than my sister’s 20’’ torker (CX I think). People seem to say that 20 inch is easier to learn, I kind of doubt that. Wouldn’t it be like Ultimate wheels, the bigger the easier? Thanks

I found this. This is cheaper than pkittle’s and has free shipping an all that stuff. It’s an LX so it’s good, not great, but still good.

here i got one of these and it has held up fine. i have jumped 3 sets done 3 foot drops and learned 1 ft and backwards riding. i definitly reccomend it.

sun’s not bad, however the lx does have better components for the same dough

what’s better, torker AX or LX?

for just riding, AX. For freestyle tricks, LX. AX would probably be better for trials, but I don’t recommend using either one for trials.

you could try THIS

That’s a good deal, but w/ those short cranks, it’d be harder to learn. It has a much stronger hub and frame than the LX or Sun (but not nearly as strong as a splined hub).

It’s debatable which is stronger, a Sun or a LX, but some people bruise their knees on the Sun frame.

I’d get the LX, if you break the hub, you cold upgrade to the stronger UDC hub while saving for a splined trials or MUni. A smaller wheel is easier for most to learn and for tricks. For UW’s, larger is easier to learn.

Ebay is even less.

Ya, get the LX for sure. If he doesn’t destroy it learning he can use it for freestyle later on.

EDIT: I’d say 20" for street, flat, trials, freestyle and 24" if he wants a diff style.

my first unicycle was a dodger 24.

i think the good thing about it was it was easier to travel further while i was still relatively inexperienced and that allowed me to be spared the demotivating feeling that i wasn’t going anywhere fast.

however, unicycling was for me to be firstly a viable means of transport (to justify it’s existence to my father on his return from a trip away) and to that end i made my first aim to travel a certain distance (1 mile into town) in a certain time (a week).

if i were to have gotten into unicycling as primarily a means to do tricking (which is what i love about unicycling) a dodger would probably not have been my best choice.

as my riding needs and my desire for mastery of tricks and riding urban features became more demanding of my unicycle, it began to deteriorate rapidly and replacing parts became too expensive.

so someone starting off with the intention just to trick may well be better off with a cheaper trials setup instead. someone into distance and/or possibly fsreestyle may find the dodger a better starting uni (even though i think actually attempting freestyle on a 24 inch dodger seems to me decidedly dodgy especially with the stock 170s that came with mine.