Inexpensive Magura hydraulic brakes

Bargain HS11 hydraulic rim brakes for unicycles. One new style lever (first two pictures) and one old style lever (last two pictures): $45 per wheel

The HS11 lever body is light weight nylon composite and the wheel cylinders are day-glo yellow (the same ones used on the HS33s and HS22s). Both levers are in almost new condition and the brakes come with lightly used black or red brake pads.

Comes with what ever length brake line you want from 18" to 30". (I can help you calculate the brake line length if you want)

Brakes will be bled and before I ship them, I test em’ on a brake testing jig I built to make sure they function properly and don’t leak.

USPS Priority Mail shipping is $5 in the US and $10 to Canada
I take paypal and money orders are ok too.

These brakes will fit on any Kris Holm unicycle: 20, 24, 29 and 36 or any brand of unicycle (Hunter, Nimbus, etc) or bike that comes with dedicated four-bolt Magura mounts that look like this: and a place to mount a lever under the saddle like this:

Comes with what you see in the pictures, so you will still need to get a set of Magura four bolt mounts like this : to mount the brake on your unicycle.

Contact me if you want more pictures or have questions,
Also, a more direct way to communicate with me is e-mail at the address below.


None of those links worked for me. I would like to get a set for my back up MUni, which is a 24" nimbus frame (with the bosses) and a LM 65mm rim. Would I need extenders for the brake to fit the LM rim? If so, do you have those or know where to get them? I hear that SW doesn’t make them anymore. Do you also have the brake lever post that goes under the saddle?

I don’t have any extenders for Maggie brake mounts. You’ll have to get these through the UK/east coast trials suppliers.

If you get your extneders, I’ve set these up Maggie brakes for LM rims with the Surly frames before and is and easy/free upgrade to a longer 11.25" crossover tube, which I’d be happy to install for you.
I don’t have any of the KH under saddle mounts for brake levers.

Thanks for the note on Links. The real links:

Let me know if you want a set Terry.
Thanks Brycer

Ok thanks. I’ll check out the extenders availability. :smiley: