Inexpensive coker frame

Any idea where I can get ahold of a cheap yet decent 36’’ coker frame?

At the only 36’’ frame they have by itself is like 500 dollas.

You could just but any cheap frame and then extend the legs longer. easy to do if you can weld.


so theres no nimbus frame or anything thats just not so pricey?

Gus, my dad, makes custom frames. coker included. 160 plus shipping. He’s currently on strike (with the local mass transit union) So he’s got time to kill. custom made to seat post length, 7/8 post, made to fit suzue hubs in most cases, brake bosses included, choice of paint colors. Uhh… did I miss anything?

Edit: yes, delivery is expected to be two - three weeks currently.

Could your dad do a Pashley style frame with the lollypop bearing holders? Just curious.

I doubt it… and even if he could, Im pretty sure he’d prefer not to do lollipops. Mainly because we;ve had nothing but bad luck with them. Never tried the pashley ones though.

Got any photos of those frames?

Here’s an example. Note: the handle is NOT included.

That picture must be of one of the earlier frames, cause the Max Daddy frames he is making these days look so much better. All the current welding is cleaner, neater.

I’ll try and get some pictures of mine to post.