Inexpensive bearing puller for '07 KH isis hub

I found this great little puller that works perfectly for removing bearings from the '07 KH trials and Munis. Cost is only about $10, and found at most auto part stores.


That looks just like the one I have, only on mine the jaws are adjustable.

Yeah when I bought this one I wasn’t sure if it would fit, but it did, so no adjustment was needed. In fact, the fit was about as perfect as it could be!

But I can see the sense in getting one with adjustable arms so you can use it for other applications. Is your something like this?


Mine looks like this…Works great for bearings and the cranks themselves.



here’s the trick: any standard bearing puller will work, if applied correctly.
just get the puller around the bottom of the crank, and use the threaded part of the puller to press gainst the bolt, after u remove the sleeve. the blot gives u leverage and little by little the cranks will pull itself off
kinda complicated to understand w/o seeing it done, but it works on all types of cranks including profiles

yep, it looks just like that! I like it, it works good.