Inelegant and unpleasant U/W episode

So it’s blowing half a gale, and April showers are appearing and disappearing quicker than I can decide what to do.

Half-heartedly, I drive to the practise area. I get the U/W out.

Last time, I freemounted first time. This time, it takes 4 or 5 goes.

For some reason, I always find balancing harder in gusty wind. I start to feel a bit bad tempered.

I mount and ride about 4 pedal strokes. I feel myself falling forwards. No problem… I’ll step off.

Except that my toe is caught between the pedal and the spoke, and as I try to step over the wheel with the other foot, I catch the rim.

I land on both hands, one knee and the side of my foot, ankle twisted, hand grazed, knee bruised and pride deflated.

I’m not a quitter - I’ve had worse falls and ridden on - but today I’m just not up for it. U/W goes back in the car, loud music goes on, I drive home.

The bruise on my knee overlaps a fencing bruise from Friday night. The slight twist in the ankle might be a nuisance for dancing on Thursday.

Other 41 year olds watch football on TV all weekend.

There can be little that’s worse for your health than all this fitness training!

I beg to differ

Except sitting on the couch and watching football all weekend.