Indy Pass

Hey all you road riders in Colorado, it is time to ride Independence Pass. The road is still closed, until Memorial Day. The CDOT machines are starting to plow for the opening in a month. I took a nice little spin up it after work yesterday, and was so glad to be up there again. NO cars, bring your dog, and a fender. I did not have enough daylight to find out just how far it is plowed, but it is worth it. Lots of rocks and water on road, so be careful. If you are planning on coming up, PM me and I can help out, and or ride with you. Once memorial day hits, it will be open to cars. Here are a few pics from the ride.

Narrows 001.jpg

My dog loved being up there, she even got to play in the snow and cool off after the climb.
Here she is laying in the snow, cooling off.
On the way to this spot, I heard a bird call, like a hawk talking to me.
Look at Paco’s eyes, she is focused on something, she has incredible eyesight.
I saw her look up when I was taking this pic, and that made me turn my head. There, only 10 meters or so right above me was this beautiful Golden Eagle soaring. My camera caught it, barely, and so I watched it soar away. 20 seconds after this photo, a 2nd Golden Eagle joined the first one, and I watched them catch some thermals, until they were out of sight. Quite a nice bonus for me, and Paco, life is good.

I am definitely interested, it would have to be a weekend for me, but I would love to do that ride one of these next few weekends coming up. What is the weather supposed to be like this weekend?


This weekend looks like winter, especially above 9,000’. The pass starts at 8k and goes to 12k, so I would say not good. It is suppose to snow about a foot of fresh tonight/tomorrow, and then stay unsettled through the weekend.

I am going to the desert, I think, prime time for riding there, then watch my daughters hockey games on sunday in vail. So the desert, if it happens will be a quick one day shot.

FYI, The 18 hours of Fruita is this weekend, so it will be a zoo there.

Lets keep in touch for the weekend of 8th/9th, I will be in Denver for hockey on the 9th, but Saturday the 8th will work.