indy freestyle 20"

Have had this uni about a week and was a bit dubious at first due to the comments when I made a thread about what unicycle to go for

However I must say this is an excellent uni for a beginner like me
Its taken a good few beatings from riding too fast, learning to idle and falling off constantly and learning to ride backwards

Its even taken some serious poundings from learning to hop on it as well

Over all great uni at 90 quid

Heey abcd :slight_smile:

Glad you’re liking your Indy:) Maybe I just got the one that was made on a Friday :frowning: and at £90 you’ve got a baragain :astonished:

Here’s my Indy…

(You might want to turn the sound down though)

as long as it keeps working it should keep you until you want to either go for a nicer freestyle or a new trials.

However i had one that had a dodgy set of splines on the hub and ate cranks and i think alucard is inferring that his didnt like him either.

One thing i would suggest is a new seatpost clamp.

Okay cool will keep an eye on that then

Maybe I dont ride it as much as you guys I get like an hour or so every couple of nights that’s about it

But suits me for the moment which is all I’m bothered about