Induni Unitour starts on Sudnay

Just a quick note to say that the India Unicycle Tours starts this weekend.

Geoff and I are in the Sydney airport lounge, waiting for our flights. Nathan is there already.We have 7 riders from France, Australia, USA and New Zealand taking part.

Keep an eye on the website for updates:
We’ll update the site wherever there is an internet connection

Also Geoff will be updating from here:

Ken :slight_smile:

We finally have a rest day and internet access!

I’ve updated the Induni blog up to Day 4, with more photos and writeups for Day 5 and 6 coming soon.

This is one of the best tours I’ve done so far…beautiful countryside covered in tea plantations, kids chasing us up the road, Himalayan mountains (including a 2000m climb on Thursday!

Post messages for riders in this thread…we’d love to hear from you,





Hey Ken and crew, glad to hear you guys are having fun. I wish I could have made it out there with you guys!

Thanks for the pictures and the update.

Tell everyone I say hello!

Ken, It looks like you brought your schlumpf 29er instead of the triton ay? Are you using the Big Apple 2.35 with that?

Looks like Schlumpfs are the name of the game for this tour. Is it 1 geared 29, 5 geared cokers, and 1 coker?

Yep, I brought my Schlumpf because I flew out from Sydney. My Triton is back home in NZ!

This is the first Unitour where the Schlumpfs have outnumbered the Ungunis. There are four Schlumpfs (2x29" and 2x36") and three 36" Ungunis on tour.

We’ve just made it to the town of Pelling, at 2000m in the Himalayas. It was a good climb on dirt road for most of the way, and just started raining as we rolled in.

More updates coming soon on the Induni website (if this dodgy internet connection holds out).


Woke up this morning to amazing views of Kachenjenga (3rd highest mountain in the world), viewed from the town of Pelling, at slightly over 2000m elevation :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve updated the blog up to Day 7. More photos and stories on the way.




I’ve just updated the site to Day 9.

The tour ended a couple of days ago in Darjeeling.

As usual, we were mobbed by the media and appeared on Indian National TV and a few local newspapers.

The Telegraph, Calcutta

Indian TV News


p/s Gilby was a bit worried that the internet would break without him, so please be nice when he get’s reconnected.

That picture of nathan rounding the bend is gorgeous. Reading about tours is awesome!

Congratulations to all of you on another successful unitour, another successful mission of unicycling ambassadorship.

Congratulations on another successful tour.

Oops! sorry :o

Congratulations indiunis I’ve just finished checking out the blog, it looked like an incredible journey and the photos are fantastic.