Indoor Unicycling

I did a search but couldn’t find anything relevant. Basically, I ride a KH 29(single-handledly restored my love of unicycling), but sometimes I feel like riding when I’m inside. Are there any unicycles particularly suited to riding indoors? Obviously, the smaller the wheel the better, but I also don’t really want to break the bank.

Plastic pedals, non-marking freestyle tire. Other than that, I’d say just choose whatever other components you want.

Have you tried a 16". They’re good idea, especially with a long seatpost. :smiley:

Also a 20" might be another good idea. :smiley:

I do all my freestyle riding almost exclusively inside. Make sure you’ve got plastic pedals and if you’re in a gym get a non marking tire (primo the wall comes in white, for example)

freestyle is pretty awesome. I recommend becoming addicted.

RE: Indoor unicycling

All good advice. I’ve never ridden anything smaller than a 24’’, so this will be an experience for me. I decided on the 20’’ ultimate wheel. Its tiny, I can take it around with me easily, and it is hopefully durable enough to last. I’ll update this thread when it arrives with some impressions. Thanks.

I learned to idle watching videos

With a 20", using my left foot. Now I’m going to watch the Harry Potter series while working magic on my right foot. I figure once I’m good idling with both feet, backwards will be easier.

I live in the Yukon and our summer is coming to an end. I would like to keep riding indoors this winter. I want to convert my 19"nimbus trials to be more indoor friendly. Are there many non-marking indoor tires for 19" trials rims? Does the white Try-All Stiky fit this description?
Am i going to have to build up a 20" wheel to fit an indoor tire? Will a 20" wheel fit my nimbus?
Are any pedals better that other for not marking or damaging gym floors?

Thanks for your help!

the white tryall is nonmarking. i want to get one but the shipping would kill me:(

Does anyone stock the White Try-all in North America? Canada?
I emailed Division 8 but haven’t heard from them yet.

Try renegade they get the black ones, and who knows maybe they will be able to ship white.

A 29er in a hall with a big apple tyre on is very fun, if you could find a place to let you in. I remember riding round in a big circle spinning the wheel really fast enjoying the feeling of next to no rolling resitance.

How about fitting some type of 20" wheel on a 19" nimbus trials? Can that be done? The tires and rims are smaller.

I ‘might’ be willing to sell one of my unused white tires, I have a couple lying in the corner of my room right now. They would be pretty expensive though, because they are expensive in the first place, and then you would have to pay the shipping x2

What type of tire are they?
19" or 20"

if u havent seen the thread has white ones now call/email them to order one i just did

They are already sold out!