indoor riding?

Summer just started and it’s already getting hot. And if it’s not hot, it’s raining. Or both. I’ve only had my uni for 11 days now, but want to ride everyday to keep improving. I don’t remember the last time I was this motivated.

Any suggestions for finding a place where I can ride indoors on those hot and/or rainy days?


school GYM??
sometimes they have open gym

if you have a veranda or something you could ride around in there

Garage? Basement(if you dont have those super low cielings:(). basically anyplace that you can create a space for you that has no breakables and a smooth flat surface for you to practice on.


last time i unicycled in the basement i fell through the wall… when it was snowing out i went to the underground parking lot… its good.

no basement, maybe a gym, indoor skate park?

I don’t have a basement or verandah, so that’s out.

I could ask the local high school about using their gym. Has anyone negotiated something like this before? It would probably be easier if there was an organized club…anyone had luck with indoor skate parks?


I suggest going to an area with covered parking. Large, flat, open area, that also has hills and stair and stuff, depending on what you want to do. Skateparks can possibly be good, but most of them have certain day’s or times for bicycles (Which, apparently includes unicycles.) and at those times they are overrun by the bikes. Atleast that is how it works at all of the skateparks around here. (Texas, DFW area.)