Indoor riding in North Texas?

Anyone know of a place to ride uni or muni indoors in North Texas? It’s not even 11 am yet, and the heat index is already 98 F. There are heat, poor air quality, and pollen advisories in effect. (In other words, don’t go outside, and if you do, don’t breathe!) I’d love to find an alternative to riding outdoors on these days, especially since meteorologists are saying that this summer will be unusually hot in our area.

treadmill? :slight_smile:

I’m going to be in Dallas for a week, starting in a few days. Thanks for the heads up. I’m totally spoiled living in SoCal. Low humidity, fairly clean air, hills, great trails. I’ll withhold from calling you a wimp and telling you to “man up” until I’ve ridden (yes, I’m traveling with a unicycle) in the North Texas conditions. Stay cool. Drink lots of water. Take lots of breaks. Good luck!

Heh, heh, good idea! Actually, I’ve been riding in my game room a bit on my 20". It’s quite a workout as I’m continually turning, riding forward and backwards, idling, etc, but it’s not terribly fun (kind of like a treadmill). I wish we had one of those indoor mountain bike parks in the Dallas area. That would be really nice!

Yeah, I expected the wimp comments. I opened the door, and it’s kind of obligatory on a forum like this, heh, heh! There are just some days when it’s too much, and I have no shame in admitting it. At least it’s not 119 F like it was in Arizona! On Friday, I had eaten plenty of food and drank plenty of water and continued to drink water all during the ride, but it still took me hours to recover from that ride, and that’s unusual. I’ve been through 42 previous summers here in North Texas, and I’m fairly used to this, but there are just some days… I think it was just the humidity, heat index, and really, really poor air quality. When there’s no wind and it gets really hot, the bad air and pollution really builds up, and I’m toast! :astonished:

I know there are no indoor mountain bike parks or anything like that around here, I just hoped that someone knew of a large, air conditioned place to ride, like a gym or something, on those days where conditions are just too much. I’ve seen a lot of You Tube videos of people riding unis in gyms, but I don’t know of any around here to ride in. I figured it was a long shot, but you never know…

Today I rode 4 times further than I did on Sat, and I’m fine. According to the National Weather Service, conditions were almost the same today as they were on Sat (temp, heat index, air quality/ozone air pollution warning), but I noticed that the air seemed nicer today and there was a slight breeze. It wasn’t hazy, and the sunlight didn’t feel like a blow torch like it did on Sat, so I’m pretty sure my issues have more to do with air quality than anything else. I’ll just have to keep a closer watch on it and try to get out there as early as possible this summer.