Indoor/Outdoor Free Style?

I want a neat free style unicycle. Presently I have 20 & 24 Torkers, which are good but…. I want a 20” that is acceptable and friendly to indoor surfaces “school gym floors etc,” but still very usable outdoors on the streets where I do most of my practice. What pedals, tires etc. are going to work for both indoor and outdoor use?

Other details:

  • The Seattle area is outdoor practice friendly most of the year but a bit damp.
  • The streets are suburban and well cared for.
  • Presently I’m considering the Yuni with a Hookworm tire and KH seat. Am I on the right track?
  • I enjoy the 20” more than the 24” and for the foreseeable future, my 24” Torker HD is will meet my 24 needs.

Suggestions please for indoor/mostly out door free style unicycles.

That’s easy. Get something based on the Semcycle Long Neck frame. The Semcycle Long Neck is a better freestyle frame than the Yuni. It’s better for one foot stuff, wheel walking, and other freestyle skills. The long neck also makes it a better fit for adults and moves the seatpost clamp up higher where it is out of the way when doing seat out and seat on side skills.

Something similar to jagur’s freestyle uni or this one at Put plastic Odyssey Twisted PC pedals on it and it will be outdoor and indoor friendly.

I’d go with the fattest tire that you can fit in the frame. I think the Sem Long Neck will fit the 2.1" Primo The Wall tire (jagur can verify). The fatter tires make it easier and more comfortable to ride on rough outdoor surfaces like parking lots, sidewalks, etc. For strictly indoor use you can get away with a skinnier tire, but for outdoor use you’ll want a fatter tire like the 2.1" Primo.

20" is the best size for freestyle. I don’t like doing freestyle stuff on a 24". The 24" is just too big.

My freestyle unicycle is a 20" DM Ringmaster Advanced with a 2.1" Primo The Wall tire and the Odyssey Twisted PC pedals and a made in Japan Miyata saddle. It does very well both outdoors and indoors. The pedals are grippy enough for outdoor use and still indoor friendly.

A colored tire (red, white, or blue) is more indoor friendly than a black tire. Black leaves more obvious marks on the floor. Colored tires don’t leave as obvious marks.

The Sem Long Neck is what I consider to be the new standard for 20" freestyle frames. There’s still the Wyganowski for the high end, but for the more reasonable priced end of things the Sem Long Neck is the new standard.

I want one of them frames, but im in UK. Ive asked Roger if he can get them though.

I have a YUni frame on my Freestyle, and it sucks. Well, it does for practicing stand up tricks. I managed to take off the rubber letters (sixsixone) off the bottom of my shoe with it.


Since you have two 20" unis you could make an indoor and an outdoor wheel and switch wheels as needed.

It’s probably only worth the trouble if using the same tire indoors and outdoors is a problem in the places you’ll be riding.

IMHO you’re on the right track by not getting a viscount saddle. They’re too wide for seat out skills and I’m looking forward to getting something else.


Check out

Semcycle’s site

You can find the complete Semcycle 20-inch with long frame there… I believe it’s the Semcycle XL 20-inch. The downside of ordering through them directly is lack of customization (like you get with You may get a better deal on shipping than from the US, though.

I just looked and couldn’t find the exact one you need (at least with a picture showing)… but there was a thread running here that talked about this. Just run a search for “semcycle” and you should find it. That had a direct link.

What kind of customization, Tron? allows you to choose seatpost length, saddle type (viscount or semcycle XL), saddle color, and crank arm length.

Semcycle allows you to choose seatpost length, seat upgrade, tire upgrade (and which color), pedal upgrade, some kind of rim upgrade, and freestyle frame upgrade (though no details are provided for each of these “upgrades”).

I suppose it’s rather a trade-off in this case… semcycle allows you to upgrade more parts (without knowing what they are), and allows you to customize different parts, and gives details on what is changing. They work out to be the same price… is $175, and is $165 base + $10 freestyle frame upgrade. So it’s a matter of shipping. And who you want to support more (which is another dilemma).

The cheapest upgrade for the 20" Torker would be to get a Primo “The Wall” tire. Also the United Deluxe pedals are good for freestyle and hold up pretty well outdoors.

Togeather that is a $30 upgrade to what you have. Add a Miyata seat for about $35 more. As long as the frame seems to work for you that is all you need. The sem longneck frame is another $65 or so, but you might need a new wheelset to fit that frame.

I noticed the black United Deluxe still mark up gym floors if they skid across them, so I changed to white. I haven’t had a chance to see if the white marks the floor.

You are in Bellevue, so the tire can be had at Alki Bike & Board in West Seattle, the seat you can get from Harvey’s Bike in Lynnwood. Pedals from I think we need a Bellevue unicycle supplier.

Ah… I thought you meant customization of the frame itself. Thanks.

yep it fits with about a 5mm gap.