Indoor North Shore Park in Cleveland.

There is a rad park that is going to be opeing up soon in Cleveland OH.

Check out photo’s of the construction at

This place looks to be awesome I cant wait for it to open. I’ll actaully be able to go too now that I got another car.

Bill get ready on that stuff in your backyard because when it gets cold this is where we are going.


That looks awesome Chex. Besure to bring a video camera when you go in. Better start riding more too.

No video but I’ll take pix.

Re: Indoor North Shore Park in Cleveland.



Looks good! I’m ready when you are.

If you’ve got a car, let me know when you can come down to my place and try out my playground.


Man, just hope they don’t get all huffy(pun) when you come in on a uni. But definetely looks like a dope ride, Heres some pics: