Indonesia with B*cyclists

I’ve already shared some thoughts after my last Unitour, here:

Well, this is the video!



Awesome! Thanks for sharing. =)

Brilliant…brightened up my day…thanks. :slight_smile:

Enjoyed this video very much, thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments my friends!


You did a really good job editing that video. Looks like an amazing trip. What was the hardest part for you?

First, thank you for the comment! :slight_smile:

Then, the most annoying parts were when the roads went downhill, with the b*cyclist coasting at 50 km/h, and I was pedalling faster as I can, on high gear, not enjoyng the view but trying to avoid to bore them (well, they were really friendly and patients but being part of a group I tried to keep their pace).
It was really hot, so while they were refreshing themself with the wind, I was struggling on the asphalt. So when I reached them, I avoided the stop and I continued to pedal…

One day, in Nusa Penida (on the video I wrote “feel the heat”) it was damn hot, and I finished the ride with dizziness, cramps and after having thrown up once…

But … “if it’s miserable during, it’s legendary in the end”

Will I do it again? ABSOLUTELY!

Ciao e grazie