Indonesia:first Unitour with (by)cyclists

Hi all!
I’ve recently completed my first multi day unicycling tour… being the only unicylist among (bi)cyclist!

The tour was in Bali and Java (here you can find the detailed description, scrolling down the page you can read it in english: ).

We had 8 riding days(ranging from 18 to 50 km), one trekking day and some rest days.

The tour was amazing, and here are some considerations that can be useful for you guys (for sure useless for many!)

We were 16 riders, aged 35-65, half men and half women. They were riding mtb with full suspensions. Some of them were really fit (one did 2h38’ in the marathon, another one is a triathlete…), some were almost casual riders. I can consider myself very experienced on uni tours and I was well trained.

-I did the tour with my G29, and I think that no other unicycle could have been better.
I mean, we did a lot of XC, some single track and some paved road; My speed was perfect offroad, and generally I was in the middle of the group (often on low gear). The guys were faster then me, I was fast as the average girl, and often they need to walk and I was able to ride :slight_smile:
During some damned long paved downhill they rode at 50 km/h, and I was forced to go as fast as I could to keep in contact with them. These moments were really stressful to me, cause they regained their energy, meanwhile I was struggling, pushing hard on the pedals, on high gear, and often when I reached the regrouping points I didn’t stop to avoid being the last of the group.

-I had the 127/150 cranks, and I did all the tour with the 150. Sometimes with the 127s I would have been faster, but I simply didn’t have the time to switch them during the ride, and the following day I fear to shortening them because I didn’t know how technical would have been the following ride, and cause shorter cranks cause more lactic acid, not a good thing for multi-day tour … :slight_smile:

-After 10 years of riding with the “regular seatclamp”(the one with the allen key), a couple of years ago I’ve put the Nimbus doublequick seatpost clamp. This simple down(up?)grade is amazing. Often I lowered or highered the seat in the blink of an eye.

-Air transport: as usual, I carried my 29 after dismounting it and after packing it.
The frame-seatpost-pedals in the backpack and the wheel in its wheel bag.
But this time I didn’t remove the cranks, leaving the hub-cranks-shifting buttons in their place, (this mean faster assembling-disassembling). I simply covered the shifting buttons with the bottom of a plastic bottle (with a cut on the side for the crank), after discoveing that my wheel bag is big enough to carry the wheel with the cranks on! Everything worked well. No damage! It’s just a “case report”, so we need more data to confirm my theory, but it seemed to work very well.

-Hot, heat and heart
Well, it was really hard. One day we rode 40+km (without one single km on flat! up-down-up-down…) with the temperature always above 40°C (104 F). I had my backpack, I had energy bars, I had salts, I had sun cream, I drunk a lot but… In the afternoon I had too much nausea, cramps, dizziness and I had to jump on the support vehicle for the last 10 km, ending with cramps on all the limbs and vomiting… my diagnosis is:Overheating!

The lesson is always the same: prevent is better than cure! (annoying thing: I knew these infos before the tour, and I thought I did everything…); but this time I added another hint to my experience: I started with a spare t-shirt in the backpack, and in the afternoon I put the new one, clean and dry, to permit to my body to dissipate all the heat with sweat.

After 2 weeks of holiday, despite all the efforts made to reintroduce the calories burnt, I lost 3,5 kg…

-Uni Vs Bike
In the end, a uni can lost 1000 battles against a bike, but when we win, or even when it’s a draw, we’re the winners!

Ciao belli


PS: Stay tuned, wideo is coming…

Great write-up giocologgi :slight_smile:

I look forward to watching the video.

Interesting point about the seatclamps.

Hello Nicola
I cant see the pictures
Wow fantastic adventure
see you
Cristian e Chiara Mantova

Fantastic description, although I can’t see the pics.


I also can’t see the pictures, and would love to!

Try here !

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Great pictures :smiley:

Got them there - Great!

Great write up and incredible adventure!

Very nice write up and great photos.

Sorry I missed it.

What’s the next UniTour planned?

Thank you all for the comments!

Well, this wasn’t strictly a “uni tour”, it was a MTB tour with a unicyclist!

Anyway, I’ ve heard interesting rumors about next unitour… But only Ken/Gyzmoduck can answer you…

Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Looks amazing.

I’ve flown with non geared unicycles on five trips and always leave the cranks on the wheel. So far I’ve had no problems. I also cover the wheels with twin-wall plastic sheets to protect the spokes.

Video done!
It’s in the video section…