Indianapolis riders?

Hi, I’ll be in Indy most of next week with my Coker. Any other riders there?

Indy riders

hey Unishark,I live 40 minutes south of Indy and am close to some awesome, hilly, rocky, (or smooth) trails that are 1 hour away from Indy in Brown County State Park. I’ve been riding them 2-3 times a week now on my unicycle, and in 10 plus years of mtn. biking there I’m the only one I know of that has ever riden a unicycle on the trails. There are 23 miles of killer trails and I would love to have some company. We’ve got challenging terrain of all kinds, and whether we can meet up or not, definitely go. Schooner trail is insanely rocky. Walnut trail is so-so rocky, but rideable. Hesitation point is a nice destination with a ridgetop view, and nice climbs. Green valley is my favorite that takes about 1.5 hrs. to complete. Any of the “easy” tagged trails are pretty smooth if that is what you would like. Let me know if your interested. Have fun!

Definitely interested! See pm.

Meeting padawan tomorrow, anyone else around here?

So uniShark, what did you think of the Mountain Bike trails in Brown County? Can you see why IMBA ranked them as an “epic” trail system? You know, Louisville is just an hour further south. A couple of us are planning to ride some MUni this weekend if you are interested. I know you might only have your Coker with you but I’m sure we could scrounge up a more trail worthy unicycle if you wanted to join us. Let me know! Also, if you are still in town for Labor Day, you really should ride your Coker in the Hike, Bike, and Paddle event here in Louisville. It’s a great day with a few thousand of our two wheeled brethren.

padawan, you are welcome to join us as well. I’m trying to talk a couple of Louisville riders into making a trip to Brown County. I will let you know if/when it happens.

We got postponed until this evening, but I’m looking forward to it. Hope I’m up to the task on my Coker!

I’m only here through the weekend, and have other plans in Indy, but thanks for the invite.

I now understand the great ratings fit Brien Cty park. Had a great ride with padawan. Be warned, though, he’s sandbagging with that name! :slight_smile:

Seeing that giant 36 incher cruise over rocks and roots was a thing of beauty indeed, although it was a little scary looking at times too. Props to Unishark for riding 10 miles of semi-technical terrain all the while looking down from what seemed to be 10 feet up. He may need to see a doctor for altitude sickness and probably had to pick bits of birds nests out of his helmet! I’ll keep an eye out for you Bluegrassers on the threads here, DavidHood. I’m always looking for a good ride. Come on up any time.

I did hit my head on branches a few times, but only two were hard – although my memory is a little fuzzy about it… :wink: