Any Indiana riders

This guy lives in Nap Town, but it doesn’t sound like he’s ready to go out riding just yet. There’s also Tom Miller- the owner and sole employee of the Unicycle Factory in Kokomo, and there’s a giraffe specialist who occasionally posts on this forum under the name Super G who also lives in northern Indiana. He was supposed to release a documentary about Tom Miller a couple of months ago, but didn’t.

Other than that, I don’t know. Hopefully someone else can give you better info.

I split time between Greenwood area on the weekend and Southern Indiana during the week. But the “riders” part is in need of more work. I’m currently more of a fallers.

Edit: Oh, wait. That me. :wink:

Where in Indiana? I’m in SW Michigan.

I’m in Bloomington about an hour south of Indy
Just wander if I’m the only
I call myself a rider but I’m a learner

I don’t get down to Bloomington much at all. Worked at GE Appliances as an Engineering Intern, but that was back in '98.

The proposed documentary I described earlier is discussed in this thread, with lots of photos and even some video of real Hoosiers not only riding unicycles, but also building them from scratch.

Bloomington must have some unicyclists, even though none have posted here in many years. As I recall, it is a more exciting place than Nap Town in some ways, even though it is much smaller.

Louisville ky

I have met up with a few other riders in the louisville area. We all seem to frequent the floyds fork park system. Great bicycle/kayak/walking/jogging and best of all…unicycling paths. Both on paved and off-road. It may be a bit of a drive, but it would be fun if you made one of our casual get togethers. We were talking about next Thursday at the parklands. Possibly 4 of us. Google the parklands loop in louisville. See how far it would be for you. I’m about 45 min away. I go often. Love that place. I’m going to the pope lick station tomorrow, weather permitting. Jeff c

The unicycle factory is in Indiana but only thing I have seen from there are funny odd things.

I’m sure we have riders who no longer practice in Bloomington and some were students no longer here.

Would like to ride with others but somewhat concerned about my “c” level riding
Being a problem .

risk it

oldman, I think you just risk it. Meet up for just a fun practice session with other Uni riders and see where your at. You will prob be surprised. I can spend hours and never leave the driveway. Find some places that have entry level terrain features. That’s fun. Jeff C

Oldman - I live in Sheridan and would be happy to do some riding with you if you ever wanted to come up north. I don’t care what your current skill level is.

Song - The documentary is delayed but will be finished, I promise. I injured myself practicing with the 7.5 footer and dealt with foot pain for over a month. Despite that, I recovered and rode my 5 footer in my town’s 4th of July parade. Tommi asked if he could join me and ride an 8 footer. Unfortunately he fell at the home stretch of the parade which is rough pavement. He injured a foot and still has pain two and a half months later.

I had just finished building my giraffe trailer specifically to hold a ladder for mounting tall giraffes. We used it in the parade. That same trailer is/was to be used for the intro of the documentary. The plan is for Tommi and I to ride tall giraffes while following the truck and trailer with a video guy about 8 feet up on the ladder. We will be video’d riding while I interview Tommi.

Tommi wants to do the interview video, but is not able at this time. Therefore I am working on alternative video with just me riding and talking. I want to finish it before winter one way or another, so I’m currently working on the alternative version. I’ve easily got over 100 hours in the project (after making the giraffe with Tommi), so I’m not going to release it until I’m happy with it. The 2nd part of the documentary, where we make the giraffe, is ready to go and is around 1 hour long. The first part will be about Tommi.

Sorry for the delay.

Thanks for the update, Super G! I hope your documentary comes out soon, and that both you and Tommi are still in one piece when it does. Giraffes scare the crap out of me. I do ride them sometimes, but never anything taller than 5 feet. Ride carefully!

Might be safer with a higher giraffe, as long as you are a licensed skydiver. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanx for the positive words ,I need it kwikkash

Super g I may just contact u for a ride but no giraffe
Sounds like a fun project

Oldman – I skydive in Franklin regularly on the weekends. We could meet in a park there and do some riding. I have a skydiving friend that is a beginner unicyclist. Maybe I could get him to join us. I sent you a private message with my phone number.

Song – I ride for my life every time! Hopefully the documentary will be worth the wait for you and anyone else that might be interested.

Sacherjj – I’m a skydiver, not a basejumper! LOL. On a side note, the height at which a person has a 50% chance of dying from a fall (LD50) is only about 48 feet. I’m somewhat surprised it’s that high. Falling from a 7.5 footer will give you an appreciation of that.

At one of the Hang Gliding meets I went to with Dad decades ago, we had a guy jumping out of a dual ultralight. He was obviously not used to the 4-5000 ft drop, instead of 14,000 ft. He pulled about 1000-1500, didn’t fully decelerate until a few hundred feet. It was much closer than he planned. And I assume his canopy was a slower open than a base jump setup. We were sure he was going to burn in, just as he pulled. :astonished:

You jump at Free Fall? I’ve got tons of weight to lose to make jump weight, but I always wanted to try at least a tandem jump.

I’m in Center Grove area in during the weekend. Near 37 and 144. So less than a half hour from Franklin.

sacherjj - I’ll send you a pm so we aren’t hijacking Oldman’s thread.

Safer for you, not so great for people along that line between the wheel and where the seat comes down! :astonished:

It’s not so much about how high, but how you land. Things can get sketchy in parades, where you’re not riding in a controlled and pre-vetted parking lot. Heavily traveled streets usually have some pretty torn up bits here and there, and they can be hard to judge from directly above. Stay safe out there, and be kind to your feet/ankles until you heal up properly. We’re not getting any younger!

Speaking of which, Oldman, riding unicycles can be like a fountain of youth. Stick with it and you’ll get younger! Don’t be afraid to meet up with other riders, there’s always fun to be had, whatever your level. Soon you’ll probably want to change your Forums handle!

I’m from southeast not far from Cincinnati. I also meet a guy on Facebook from Columbus Indiana.