Indiana Unicycling Tour Planning


I’m trying to check the level of interest for an all unicycle tour across Indiana. I have contacts and places to stay/camp all throughout Indiana at all overnight towns mentioned as well as vehicle support for SAG and transportation of luggage and personal effects. This would likely be a charity ride for the american diabetes association and consist of a 5-6 day tour.

This thread is of course no commitment but I would like to see how many cyclists would be interested in doing this trip. The route hasn’t been laid out yet but it will likely consist of the following:

START: Michigan City, IN
POI: Washington park/ Lake Michigan Beach
Indiana Dunes State Park

Michigan City, IN to West Lafayette, IN
91.1 mi
POI: Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN to Kokomo, IN
48.4 mi
POI: The Unicycle Factory of Kokomo

Kokomo, IN to Greenwood, IN
63.8 mi
POI: none yet

Greenwood, IN to Bedford, IN
68.3 mi
POI: none yet

Bedford, IN to Washington, IN
46.4 mi
POI: none yet

Washington, IN to Evansville, IN
POI: none yet

TOTAL: 377 mi

This would likely be a week between mid May and mid June. Please let me know if you would be interested in such an epic adventure. I can be reached via PM or via TheLegendofMouse on AIM.

inspired by

I would be riding with mouse as well.

I might be interested in doing it. I live in Illinois but would be willing to visit indiana for a week

awesome. That would mean 3 so far and I’m hoping for at least 12 or so. If you would like to be made aware of future happenings, send mail to missingawheel (at) silentaftermath (dot) com and I’ll make sure you get updates on this :slight_smile:

There’s a unicycle factory in Kokomo? Is that a microbrewery with a trendy name, or a real unicycle factory?

I’m adding my name as a potential rider. :slight_smile:

heheh. Its an actual place called the unicycle factory run by a guy named Tom Miller. His thread is here:

If this gets enough interest to happen, I’m sure he would be glad to have us :slight_smile:

Cool…but the link to his gallery seems dead, so I am still a bit vague on what the factory actually is. Skimming through the three pages of posts I get the idea that he does custom one-off work for well-heeled customers, and possibly has unique vehicles on display in his shop…did I come close?

somewhat…here’s a better link

Below is a rough idea of the route. This route is not even close to final, but all of the overnight towns are confirmed.

it would depend on the date but I would love to do it if I could make it.

awesome :). I’m contemplating making the first day split in two since it will be almost 100 miles after route adjustments. The only issue would be finding an overnight town in between Michigan City IN and West Lafayette IN.

If anyone has opinions on that matter please voice them so I know how to handle it. A few people have expressed concern over the long first day.

The first day does look long as a first day.

I’d expect anyone able to do the whole ride to be able to handle 100 miles, but making it the first day is a bit wooah. 100 miles isn’t that different from the 70 or 80 miles that you’re doing on other days.

Having said that, I know on most of the unicycle tours, a significant proportion of riders haven’t made the total distance, getting lifts from the support van on the longer days. It’s worth being sure that your support vehicle can fit all riders who aren’t certain that they can do the distance.

Do you have somewhere for people to stay the night before the tour, with such a long first day you’d need it.

On the SINZ tour, I think they took a rest day after doing the 100 mile day, maybe that’d make sense if it’s a nice place to stop.

Also, how hard the hundred miler is very much depends on terrain, if it’s flat then I wouldn’t worry too much, if it’s super hilly, then it’ll be way harder.


We’ve looked at the route for that day. The whole day is only about 550 feet of climb. And the longest stretch of uphill is 200 ft right at the beginning. Otherwise, it’s a very flat day.

One random thought, could you reverse the route, or is there some reason (prevailing wind / downhill / etc.) that it has to be done in that direction?

Just that if you could do the 100 miles knowing you didn’t have to ride your unicycle the next day, it might be nicer? Thinking about that, I’m not sure about whether it’d be easier or not though.

Maybe it’d make most sense just to plan to use the sag wagon for some riders on the first day if there’s no good place to stop.


Ive found north-south easier in Indiana for prevailing winds. Also, the SAG’s origin will be Michigan City and if we did south to north, we would end up in Kokomo on a sunday night which would likely be less than convenient for anyone that wanted to pay a visit to Tom Miller at T.U.F.

I found that riding in a long-longer-long-shorter-shorter-short pattern helps you out a bit on tours as by the last day you’re pretty wiped out. I don’t know if starting with a very long day would be a great plan either but I’m sure that a late start point closer to Lafayette could be arranged for riders that didn’t want to do the full century. I’ve thought about that mainly over the last day or so and it seems to be the most logical answer but I’m always open to suggestions.

I think I’d prefer getting the century out of the way anyway. The other days are really comparatively short. Day two is only about 50 miles. I think I could handle shorter days after getting a bit tired out from earlier rides. Conversely, I’m not sure I’d like to do a century after a week of shorter rides since I’d be a bit tired already going into it. Then again, I can see how others might see a century on the last day as being easier because you wouldn’t have to save anything for the next day.

But with everything mouse has pointed out, I think the first day is the day to do it.