Indiana Ride Sat. 11/10/07(Bloomington, IN)

A few friends of mine from Purdue University will be in bloomington this weekend and would like to invite other unicyclists from the surrounding areas to come ride with us. We will most likely be doing a little trials and general riding around but all are welcome! If you have any questions, send me a PM or AIM me.

I might be able to come, I’ll have to see. I’m glad I saw this thread though, I almost missed it.

Edit: Wow, That’s a long drive, almost 4 hours for me.

I’ll be there.

There’s all these piles of limestone slabs outside the quarries that look pretty extreme. idk how open they are to the public though.

wait where?

i wish i could go no car
well i do have a car but not at college

cool. If anyone is coming that doesn’t have my phone # please PM me or AIM me and I’ll get you situated with that.

robdizzle: Bloomington, IN = Indiana University. It’d be about a 4 hour car ride for you if you speed :stuck_out_tongue:

So far it looks like three if not 4 of us will be coming and we’ll be bringing mainly 20" trials cycles and 24" downhill tire munis…We might being the 36" touring cycles if we can fit them in the cars.