Indian Summer

Well, it’s officially Indian Summer here. We had our first freeze last night, and a record to boot, it was 26F, -3C. The cold front blew through yesterday, with high winds and lots of moisture. The temperature for the ride was around 32F. 0C. The snow level was around 8500’, 2590meters, and my ride was mostly in the snow. What a blast, nobody was in the woods, except the bowhunters and I. The singletrack was wet, but still grippy. The aspens are about a week from peaking, but the colors were still magnificent. I took lot’s of pictures, the scenery was just to nice not to. So I didnt get in allot of miles. Total ride was 10 miles, 16km, with about 2250’, 686 meters, of climbing. A couple of pics to show Colorado in early Fall.

Heavenly single track


Fall colors in the Rockies

Coming down out of the clouds, bummer, back to civilization.

Breath taking.

I could ride that single track all day long. That’s awesome.

Aw, that’s so groovy! YAY!

Looks like fun, I want to ride there.

thats awesome

Sounds like global warming! :roll_eyes:

It was supposed to snow here this weekend, but it only snowed a little higher up then us.

I hope it snows by my house soon so I can do some riding in it because I never have. But then I will have to get new tire, I don’t think the lx tire will work that well.

2005 was the hottest year on record in the northern hemisphere and the second warmest globally. it was also the hottest year on record in australia. global warming… pshhhh… yeah right :roll_eyes:

Sounds like… but this is’nt JC! I really want to ride there! SO BAAAAAAAAAAD!

I always get excited when I see that you have posted a thread. I always look forward to the beautiful landscapes. Thanks!

weird, i thought this thread may be about raids on European colonies by Indian war parties. when did that phrase become a weather discription?

It’s commonly used here (UK) to describe a warm spell at the end of summer/beginning of autumn. Presumably it dates from the British Raj era.