Indian Summer on the Continental Divide

It is hard to think of ski season when we are treated to Indian Summer like today. Temperature at 12,085’ above sea level was 38F and the winds were light out of the west. The road to the summit of Independence Pass is still open, so it was time to go up it one more time before it get’s to snowed in to ride up it. Shorts and short sleeve jersey was all that I wore for the ascent. The sun this time of year is still very warm, and the pavement helped by radiating heat back up as well. The traffic was minimal, it’s off season here so we have the mountains and our town to ourselves. I really enjoyed the ride up, it was tough as always, but knowing that it might be the final time for 05’ gave me an extra push when I needed it. The top switchback came into view, and from there it is pure emotion, adrenlinene and endorphines. The previous two weeks worth of snow storms really made the mountains brilliant today. That high altitude deep Colorado Blue sky with the fresh powder snow on the mountains from 10,000’ up made for outstanding scenery, and for some close calls; I almost rode off the road by spacing out at the scenery, it was so awesome! The wind changed to a tail wind as I pushed up the last 10% grade at 12,000’, I credit the unicycle gods for that one. The usual excitement at the summit had me spinning into a snow bank, where I proceeded to crash into the snow. The parking lot only had a couple of cars in it, and high fives and words of congratulations were givin out. I wanted to go to the end of the trail, but had to walk some of it as the snow was too difficult to ride. I passed a few hikers and had some really fun conversations with all. Pictures were taken and I headed back to the parking lot. Hanging out at the summit I reminisced about how great life is and what a succesful unicycling season I had had. I was grateful for all that unicycling has brought me and my family, and did not want to leave the summit. I spun my way off of the Continental Divide one more time,with emotion running through me, goosebumps were popping through my skin. I was blown away by the scenery and by the pure joy I get out of unicycling in such beautiful spots. Made it back to the car in one piece and drove to play one of my other favorite summer activities, sand volleyball; which is also coming to a close for the season. I guess it is time now to start waxing the tele ski’s and snowboard, bring on the snow! Cheers!!

Sorry, but the scenery is to intense not to share

The last picture was about 6 miles from the summit, this picture is about 1/2 mile from the summit.

WOW, am green with envy.

Not so fast, aspenmike. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures and the details about your ride, but you can’t call off unicycling season quite yet. 3 weeks ago I ran into a friend of mine at a trailhead somewhere in Pine, Colorado. He told me he thought that would be the last weekend of the year. I went and rode both last weekend and this and I’ve only needed a long-sleeve t-shirt. I’m not ready to pack away the uni yet.
As a matter of fact, I’m a school teacher about to embark on fall break and I’m considering trying to get in a muni ride in Winter Park on Tuesday and Wednesday. According the the weather channel I’m going to have sunny skies and mild temperatures all week for my muni exploits. Your pictures just make me that much more anxious to try and find some trails in high elevations.

beautiful, BEAUTIFUL scenery. What a place to live. The sky is so blue! wow!

kinda like up here, but then again, the grass is always greener…

i like where i live. it’s very nice and pretty…
not lacking in pretty girls, either…:stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. We don’t have scenery like that in Memphis.

Snow is great to ride in!

Great pics, mike. Its indian summer here too, but we dont have snow anymore…